Celebration Richard van de Sanden online

November 19th 2020

DIFFER organized a celebration event to thank former director Richard van de Sanden for his 10 years giving guidance to the institute. The celebration was on November 26, 2020.

Already in July of this year, Richard handed over the symbolic key to his successor Marco de Baar, but now it was time to celebrate Richard’s directorship with all his colleagues and contacts.

The event was centred around an informal online talk show, in which we honoured Richard’s achievement as director from 2010 – 2020; strategically repositioning the institute and its research, starting a new research theme Solar Fuels, realizing the relocation from Nieuwegein to Eindhoven, and his visionary and personal guidance to the institute. We are proud that Wim van Saarloos, Roel van der Krol, and Clarise Bourdelle joined as special guests.

Pictures: Bebe van der Vlis, DIFFER

The silence before


Show is on! Wim van Saarloos, Richard van de Sanden, Monique Ooms.



On screen: Roel van de Krol, Helmholtz Institute

On screen: Clarisse Bourdelle, CEA

Mystery guest Maarten Steinbuch, TU/e

Jonathan Citrin and the DIFFER singers

Digital reception