Successful ECCM Research Day at DIFFER

Published on November 12, 2021
Mengran Li, postdoc at TU Delft, shows his
poster at the ECCM Research Day.

The ECCM Research Day was organized at DIFFER, in follow up to the ECCM Conference of June 2021. During the Research Day complementing topics were addressed providing a focus on current research carried out by researchers on various TRL’s in the field.

The goal of the Research Day was to strengthen the national research community, working on the broad topic of “electrochemical conversion and materials”, by bringing together researchers from academia, research institutes and industry that are active in the main ongoing research programs in the ECCM field in the Netherlands. During this day, on11 November 2021, researchers could pitch their ongoing research, and come into contact with each other on a variety of TRLs. In this way ECCM was bringing together researchers from early onset research/PhD programs and more applied research projects carried out through industrial organizations. They have exchanged information and discussed new developments.

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