EUROfusion Grants for researchers Jelle Slief and Aaron Ho

Published on December 15, 2021

The EUROfusion consortium for the realization of fusion energy has awarded fifteen EUROfusion Engineering Grants and ten EUROfusion Researcher Grants on 15 December 2021. Two grants are awarded to DIFFER researchers.

Jelle Slief                                                 Aaron Ho

Jelle Slief is awarded a EUROfusion Engineering Grant (EEC) for the development of software tools for Electron Cyclotron Heating (ECH) exploitation in the fusion reactors JT-60SA and ITER, with a duration of three years. In both ITER and JT60-SA the ECH system will play an important role in the heating of the plasma and in controlling the behavior of the plasma inside the tokamak. Slief will do research as a PhD student in the DIFFER group Energy Systems & Control.

Top engineering talent
The EEG grants aim to attract top engineering talent by granting early-career engineers the opportunity to work on key technological challenges and develop skills that are essential to the European fusion programme.

ERG for Aaron Ho
Postdoc Aaron Ho is awarded a two year EUROfusion Researcher Grant (ERG) for a tokamak simulation pipeline for large-scale turbulent transport model validation. This grant enables early-career researchers to develop innovative ideas and techniques to advance EUROfusion's Roadmap to Fusion Energy. During his PhD research at DIFFER Ho has developed a neural network model for plasma turbulence, making reactor modeling 100 times faster. He received his PhD in March 2021. He will do research as a postdoc in the DIFFER group Integrated Modeling and Transport.

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