2nd European Fusion Teacher Day

August 12th 2021

Are you a teacher? Would you like to learn more aboute fusion? On 1 October 2021, FuseNet is organising its 2nd European Fusion Teacher Day. After the seminal edition in October 2020, FuseNet and a group of 15+ participating countries are organising a second event for secondary school teachers along the width and breadth of Europe and across three time zones. The day starts with 15+ domestic livestreams and continues with a global livestream in the (late) afternoon.

Educational materials for Secondary Schools
Central to this 2nd Teacher Day is the official launch of our Fusion Educational Materials for Secondary Schools during the global livestream. A team of enthusiastic fusion students and alumni have been working with a professional physics teacher to prepare five context-rich modules for secondary schools. They cover large portions of the fusion effort— like plasmas, materials, history and deployment—in a way that secondary school students and teachers can relate to.

ITER Organization will be putting in an appearance in the global portion of the program as well. They’ll be reporting to us directly from the ITER tokamak pit in Cadarache, France, where constructions on the world’s largest tokamak are in full swing. Attendees to the Teacher Day will thus have the opportunity to walk into the beating heart of fusion even if they are behind their laptops.

Dutch session
Like last year, the Teacher Day will start out in domestic sessions. The Dutch version will be organized by DIFFER. Host of the day is Ralf Mackenbach (TU/e). DIFFER researcher Thomas Morgan will be one of the speakers.The domestic sessions allow our local partners to showcase their countries’ fusion strengths, so their contents will vary on a country-to-country basis. They include presentations by scientists, virtual laboratory tours, tours of fusion devices, and more.

The event will take place fully remotely via Zoom.