Nanoprinting technology creates new research opportunities for energy material development at DIFFER

Published on June 06, 2024

Recently a brand new VSP-P1 nanoprinter from VSParticle has been successfully installed at DIFFER. As nanoparticles are of great importance for scientific research, this cutting-edge nanoprinting technology helps DIFFER to take research on energy materials a step further.

An equipment capable of printing extremely small particles, as small as 2 nanometers. What is the added value of this for a scientific research institute like DIFFER? Well, with nanoprinting technology, DIFFER researchers can produce nanoparticles with ease enabling the creation of new materials. “At DIFFER we perform fundamental research on materials, processes, and systems. With the VSParticle machine, we are able to make a large variety of materials. We are especially interested in the electrochemical properties of these materials”, states Marco de Baar, director of DIFFER.

Installation VSParticle nanoprinter at DIFFER
The VSParticle team who installed the VSP-P1 nanoprinter at DIFFER: From left to right: Carlos Fernández Llamas (Production Engineer), Asif Islam (Product Support Engineer) and Rahul Gupta (Account Executive) © DIFFER

The components for each print layer are nanoparticles created by the printer from tiny rods of bulk material, such as nickel, gold or silver. By ‘playing’ with the size of the particles and adding other elements, you can produce a large variety of new materials. 

Süleyman Er, Department Head and Group Leader at DIFFER: “The collaboration with VSParticle aligns perfectly with DIFFER’s strategy to extend its national role in building the infrastructure ‘materials4energy’. With technologies like these, we aim to accelerate material development for energy applications and reinforce the Netherlands' leadership in sustainable energy research."

Installation and training
DIFFER is an ideal environment for harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge nanoprinting technology. Aaike van Vugt, CEO and co-founder of VSParticle: “The collaboration with DIFFER has been essential for VSParticle to proof our technology in the market of green hydrogen. We are very excited that DIFFER has been able to take the next step in acquiring our flagship P1 product. We look forward to fruitful intensified collaboration in which we try to shape the future of key energy materials.”

This spring, new equipment was installed in Eindhoven, and DIFFER’s researchers and engineers received training from a dedicated team of VSParticle professionals. The system requires minimal user intervention and is operated through a secure and user-friendly web interface.

Author: Rianne van Hoek

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