Launching the Center for Computational Energy Research

Published on June 21, 2017

On the longest day of the year the Center for Computational Energy Research (CCER) was officially opened. Scientific director dr.ir. Vianney Koelman welcomed more than 100 visitors and positioned the new center as follows "The CCER aims to accelerate energy innovation by integrating high performance computing with energy research".

Prof. dr. Detlef Lohse delivered one of the keynote
addresses during the CCER opening event.

Prof.dr.ir. Frank Baaijens, rector magnificus TU/e and prof.dr. Wim van den Doel, executive board NWO revealed “nature’s most efficient energy converter” (Baaijens), a beautiful tobacco tree. This seamlessly endorsed Van den Doel’s previous statement “For interdisciplinary initiatives you need people, time and a place on fertile ground”. In his opening address ir. Diederik Samsom, former MP and champion and advocate of the Dutch Climate Bill, stated “I am not sad but optimistic and the reason is you. The best way to promote renewable energy is to promote education and research. So that the next generation can invent the inventions that we were not smart enough to invent”.

Also the keynote speakers prof.dr. Frank Jenko (Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching), prof.dr. Evert Jan Meijer (Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Amsterdam), prof.dr. Detlef Lohse (Physics of Fluids, University of Twente), and dr. Dirk Smit (Shell Chief Scientist for Geophysics) were very inspiring. The summer atmosphere was further enhanced by the sounds of summer of student music association Tuna Ciudad de Luz.

Poster session during the CCER opening event.


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