DIFFER is looking for a director

December 17th 2019

DIFFER is looking for a new director to lead the institute’s strategy, science and operations. The vacancy for this position was open until 21 January 2020.

A team player with an international reputation in the field of energy research is who DIFFER likes to find. The director should have a proven track record of leading scientific research collaborations and have a keen eye for opportunities to connect science with industry and society. The position is for a term of five years with the intention to extend it with a second term.

Present director Richard van de Sanden was appointed in 2010. He reaches the end of his second term at the end of 2020. Van de Sanden successfully led the reorganization of the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics into DIFFER, the NWO-institute for fundamental energy research. In these years DIFFER was relocated from Nieuwegein to the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Van de Sanden started the research theme Solar Fuels and strengthened the Fusion Energy research.

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