New social media channels after transition to NWO

January 31st 2017

DIFFER's social media channels have new names (and addresses) as a consequence of the institute's transition to the NWO organisation. On January 1st 2017, our parent organisation FOM was incorporated into NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. The DIFFER institute is directly part of NWO now. The transition is part of a governance and organisation change at NWO. This will put NWO in a better position to optimally realise its core tasks, funding of and innovation in Dutch scientific research and the management of eight national research institutes, both now and in the future.

Social media

The change doesn’t effect any of DIFFER’s current strategy, activities, name, et cetera. However, the acronym FOM was in all our social media account names and needed to be removed. Please find the new names of our social media channels below.

Twitter: @DIFFERenergy


YouTube: (or directly:



Read more about the NWO transition at