Plasma control modeling experts meet for 'RAPTOR week’

March 1st 2017

18 participants from 6 international fusion institutes are meeting at DIFFER for a ‘RAPTOR week’ to discuss ongoing work around the RAPTOR code. RAPTOR is a control-oriented simulation code for tokamak fusion plasmas that is used for various applications. One example is the optimization of plasma scenarios: calculating the precise timing of plasma fueling and heating to achieve the required conditions. The participants, many of which young PhD students and post-docs, will spend the week interacting with other developers and modelers and push their work forward by close collaboration. They will also prepare experiments planned for this year on the ASDEX-Upgrade and TCV tokamaks using their new control tools. This meeting has received support from EUROfusion.

RAPTOR week participants.
Photo: Bram Lamers

Contact Dr. Federico Felici for more information about the meeting and the RAPTOR code.