Successful workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry

Published on April 07, 2017

On Wednesday 5 April 2017, DIFFER organised the workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry. The workshop brought together the Dutch community working on the synthesis of clean fuels and chemical products from sustainable energy, and CO2, H2O and N2, and attracted 120 researchers from universities, institutes and companies from all over the Netherlands.

The workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry was organised to present progress in the three major programs active in this field in the Netherlands. After a fascinating and interactive plenary lecture from Prof. Truls Norby from Oslo University, talks were presented about the results obtained in the NWO program "CO2 neutral fuels” and the STW-Alliander program “Activating and dissociating CO2 in a plasma". Projects granted in the new NWO program "Solar to products” were introduced in pitches.

Participants to the workshop Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry
organised at DIFFER on Wednesday 5 April 2017 - credit: Bram Lamers

In addition to informing shakeholders about progress in these research programs, the floor opened to explore synergies between the different projects and - on the long term - prepare for creating new programs. During lunch, posters were discussed related to the different programs. The day ended with a lab tour through the new labs of DIFFER.

Presentations and photos

Workshop: Renewable Energy Driven Chemistry

Organizing committee

Anja Bieberle, Mihalis Tsampas, Waldo Bongers, Erik Langereis, Richard van de Sanden

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