July 30th 2009
26 February 2009
The completion of Magnum-PSI's vacuum system attracted quite some publicity. On Monday, February 23th, the Dutch science radio show Hoe?Zo! (Teleac) broadcasted interviews with Wim Koppers, Amy Shumack and Tony Donne. The item discusses the past, present and future of plasma-surface-interactions at FOM Rijnhuizen, and their relevance for the international ITER project.
July 30th 2009
10 February 2009
Post-doctoral researcher dr. Jan-Willem Blokland of the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, the Dutch centre for fusion research, has received one of the ten prestigious Fusion Research Fellowships awarded yearly by the Europese Fusion Development Agreement EFDA. These grants are intended to help excellent young scientists do cutting-edge research into the physics of plasmas and fusion.
July 30th 2009
4 February 2009
An international group of researchers including prof.dr. Wybren Jan Buma from the University of Amsterdam and dr. Anouk Rijs of the FOM-Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen have published detailed measurements of so-called rotaxanes. The researchers state that "it is for the first time that this technique is used to map such large and complicated molecules in such detail". The group published their breakthrough in the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society.
July 30th 2009
28 January 2009
Researchers and engineers of the FOM Institute Rijnhuizen have recently completed the vacuum system of the new plasma-wall-experiment Magnum-PSI and have found that it behaves exactly as designed. According to project leader Wim Koppers, the construction of the device is now "well under way". Scientists want to use Magnum-PSI to investigate the interaction between the reactor wall and the hot, burning plasma in future fusion reactors such as ITER. The research is intended to contribute to the design of the diverter, the part of the reactor where plasma comes into direct contact with the wall material and where the fusion product helium leaves the vacuum vessel.
July 30th 2009
International cooperation with Russion institutes will investigate fundamentals of fusion
18 November 2008
The Dutch government, via funding agency NWO, has awarded Rijnhuizen a 500 k€ Centre of Excellence-grant for cooperation with four major Russion research labs. Dr. Tony Donné from the Rijnhuizen-institute will lead the collaboration, with dr. Boris Kuteev from the Kurchatov-institute as second chair.