The design of an ECRH system for JET-EP

TitleThe design of an ECRH system for JET-EP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsA.GA Verhoeven, W.A Bongers, B.SQ Elzendoorn, M. Graswinckel, P. Hellingman, W. Kooijman, O.G Kruijt, J. Maagdenberg, D. Ronden, J. Stakenborg, A.B Sterk, J. Tichler, S. Alberti, T. Goodman, M. Henderson, J.A Hoekzema, J.W Oosterbeek, A. Fernandez, K. Likin, A. Bruschi, S. Cirant, S. Novaks, B. Piosczyk, M. Thumm, H. Bindslev, A. Kaye, C. Fleming, H. Zohm
JournalNuclear Fusion
Date PublishedNov
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0029-5515
Accession NumberISI:000186819100021

An electron cyclotron resonance heating (ECRH) system has been designed for JET in the framework of the JET enhanced performance project (JET-EP) under the European fusion development agreement. Due to financial constraints it has been decided not to implement this project. Nevertheless, the design work conducted from April 2000 to January 2002 shows a number of features that can be relevant in preparation of future ECRH systems, e.g. for ITER. The ECRH system was foreseen to comprise six gyrotrons, 1 MW each, in order to deliver 5 MW into the plasma (Verhoeven A.G.A. et al 2001 The ECRH system for JET 26th Int. Conf on Infrared and Millimeter Waves (Toulouse, 10-14 September 2001) p 83; Verhoeven A.G.A. et al 2003 The 113 GHz ECRH system for JET Proc. 12th Joint Workshop on ECE and ECRH (13-16 May 2002) ed G. Giruzzi (Aix-en-Provence: World Scientific) pp 511-16). The main aim was to enable the control of neo-classical tearing modes. The paper will concentrate on: the power-supply and modulation system, including series IGBT switches, to enable independent control of each gyrotron and an all-solid-state body power supply to stabilize the gyrotron output power and to enable fast modulations up to 10 kHz and a plug-in launcher that is steerable in both toroidal and poloidal angles and able to handle eight separate mm-wave beams. Four steerable launching mirrors were foreseen to handle two mm-wave beams each. Water cooling of all the mirrors was a particularly ITER-relevant feature.

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