1 Ghz Modulation of a High-Current Electron-Gun

Title1 Ghz Modulation of a High-Current Electron-Gun
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsR.J Bakker, C.AJ van der Geer, A.FG van der Meer, P.W van Amersfoort, W.A Gillespie, G. Saxon
JournalNuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment
Date PublishedOct 1
ISBN Number0168-9002

Measurements on a triode electron gun operated with grid modulation at 1 GHz are presented in this article. The gun has a miniaturized cathode-grid spacing of 0.15 mm. The network used for matching the rf source (a solid-state amplifier) to the cathode-grid assembly, is discussed in detail. The bunch length is measured by means of a capacitive pick-up probe and a 20 GHz sampling oscilloscope. Bunches with a duration of 280 ps and a charge of 220 pC have been obtained at 100 W of rf input power. The normalized beam emittance is around 30-pi mm mrad.



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