Experimental Results on Current-Driven Turbulence in Plasmas - a Survey

TitleExperimental Results on Current-Driven Turbulence in Plasmas - a Survey
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsH. Dekluiver, N.F Perepelkin, A. Hirose
JournalPhysics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters
Date PublishedJan
ISBN Number0370-1573; 1873-6270

The experimental consequences of plasma turbulence driven by a current parallel to a magnetic field and concurrent anomalous plasma heating are reviewed, with an attempt to deduce universalities in key parameters such as the anomalous electrical conductivities observed in diverse devices. It has been found that the nature of plasma turbulence and turbulent heating depends on several parameters including the electric field, current and magnetic fields. A classification of turbulence regimes based on these parameters has been made. Experimental observations of the anomalous electrical conductivity, plasma heating, skin effect, runaway electron braking and turbulent fluctuations are surveyed, and current theoretical understanding is briefly reviewed. Experimental results recently obtained in stellarators (SIRIUS, URAGAN at Kharkov), and in tokamaks (TORTUR at Nieuwegein, STOR-1M at Saskatoon) are presented in some detail in the light of investigating the feasibility of using turbulent heating as a means of injecting a large power into toroidal devices.



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