Beata Tyburska-Pueschel appointed to Euratom STC

Nuclear physicist Beata Tyburska-Pueschel, project leader of DIFFER's Ion Beam Facility, has been appointed as member of the Euratom Scientific and Technical Committee.

Euratom - or, to give it its full name, the European Atomic Energy Community - organizes trade in nuclear materials and technology within Europe. Within Euratom, the Scientific and Technical Committee (STC) provides the European Council with advice on all nuclear-related research and training in the EU. The 42 members are appointed by the European Council following nomination by the Member States.

Nuclear physicist Beata Tyburska-Pueschel
is the project leader of DIFFER's
Ion Beam Facility. Photo: Bas Gijselhart

The STC advises on all aspects of nuclear technology such as nuclear medicine, standards for radiation protection, nuclear fission reactor systems and fuel cycles, waste management, fusion and assessment of the health impact of radioactive release from nuclear facilities. "Quite the responsibility, but the STC is not well known outside of the field", says Tyburska-Pueschel. "One of the tasks I want to take up is to make it clearer what exactly we have achieved and what we aim to do, to improve our visibility."

Within the STC, Tyburska-Pueschel will join the two sub-committees on Fusion and Nuclear Knowledge and on Skills and Competences." One of the goals of STC is to seek synergy between nuclear fusion and fission. Seeing that I have a background in both disciplines, I hope to make a large contribution to this topic. There are numerous topics under the Fusion theme were I could contribute, for instance optimal use of existing or possible new research facilities, fusion publicity and more."

"I am interested how the committee works", says Tyburska-Pueschel: "To what degree are its recommendations taken into account by the EU? And how do we work within the broader environment, such as the plethora of other, unofficial advisory bodies? But most importantly, I wanted to join to participate in the nuclear advisory process. Where else can you have this kind of influence on such an important topic?"

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