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A.S Kuznetsov, M.A Gleeson, F. BijkerkTemperature dependencies of hydrogen-induced blistering of thin film multilayers, J. Appl. Phys. 115 (2014) 173510.
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A. Dolgov, D. Lopaev, T. Rachimova, A. Kovalev, A. Vasil'Eva, C.J Lee, V.M Krivtsun, O. Yakushev, F. BijkerkComparison of H2 and He carbon cleaning mechanisms in extreme ultraviolet induced and surface wave discharge plasmas, J. Phys. D-Appl. Phys. 47 (2014) 065205.
M. Bayraktar, F.A van Goor, K.J Boller, F. BijkerkSpectral purification and infrared light recycling in extreme ultraviolet lithography sources, Opt. Express 22 (2014) 8633-8639.
S.N Yakunin, I.A Makhotkin, R.WE van de Kruijs, M.A Chuev, E.M. Pashaev, E. Zoethout, E. Louis, Y S. Seregin, I.A. Subbotin, D.V Novikov et al.Model independent X-ray standing wave analysis of periodic multilayer structures, J. Appl. Phys. 115 (2014) 134303.
Q. Huang, M. de Boer, J. Barreaux, R. van der Meer, E. Louis, F. BijkerkHigh efficiency structured EUV multilayer mirror for spectral filtering of long wavelengths, Opt. Express 22 (2014) 19365-19374.
S.N Yakunin, I.A Makhotkin, K.V Nikolaev, R.WE van de Kruijs, M.A Chuev, F. BijkerkCombined EUV reflectance and X-ray reflectivity data analysis of periodic multilayer structures, Opt. Express 22 (2014) 20076–20086.
A. Gao, C.J Lee, F. BijkerkGraphene defect formation by extreme ultraviolet generated photoelectrons, J. Appl. Phys. 5116 (2014) 054312.
S.P Huber, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, K.-J. Boller, F. BijkerkSubwavelength single layer absorption resonance antireflection coatings, Opt. Express 122 (2014) 490–497.
A. Gao, E. Zoethout, J.M Sturm, C.J Lee, F. BijkerkDefect formation in single layer graphene under extreme ultraviolet irradiation, Appl. Surf. Sci. 317 (2014) 745-751.
R. van der Meer, I Kozhevnikov, B Krishnan, J Huskens, P Hegeman, C Brons, B Vratzov, B Bastiaens, K Boller, F. BijkerkSingle-order operation of lamellar multilayer gratings in the soft x-ray spectral range, AIP Adv. 13 (2013) 012103.
E. Zoethout, E. Louis, F. BijkerkReal-space insight in the nanometer scale roughness development during growth and ion beam polishing of molybdenum silicon multilayer films, Appl. Surf. Sci. 285, Part B (2013) 293-299.
J.M Sturm, C.J Lee, F. BijkerkReactions of ethanol on Ru(0001), Surf. Sci. 612 (2013) 42-47.
V.V Medvedev, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, N.N Novikova, V.M Krivtsun, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, F. BijkerkMultilayer mirror with enhanced spectral selectivity for the next generation extreme ultraviolet lithography, Appl. Phys. Lett. 22103 (2013) 221114.
J. Bosgra, L.W Veldhuizen, E. Zoethout, J. Verhoeven, R.A Loch, A.E Yakshin, F. BijkerkInteractions of C in layered Mo-Si structures, Thin Solid Films 542 (2013) 210-213.
A. Gao, P.J Rizo, E. Zoethout, L. Scaccabarozzi, C.J Lee, V. Banine, F. BijkerkExtreme ultraviolet induced defects on few-layer graphene, J. Appl. Phys. 4114 (2013) 044313.
S.L Nyabero, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, F. BijkerkEnhanced thermal stability of extreme ultraviolet multilayers by balancing diffusion-induced structural changes, Appl. Phys. Lett. 9103 (2013) 093105.
A.S Kuznetsov, M.A Gleeson, F. BijkerkIon effects in hydrogen-induced blistering of Mo/Si multilayers, J. Appl. Phys. 114 (2013) 113507.
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