Nanomaterials for Energy Applications news

May 14th 2020
Andrea Baldi appointed associate professor at VU
DIFFER group leader Andrea Baldi has been appointed associate professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Here he will set up a new research group on fundamental and applied nanophotonic approaches to energy conversion, catalysis, and sensing.
October 23rd 2019
Transparent conductive electrodes are of relevance for industrial applications such as solar cells, LEDs and touchscreens. These electrodes, however, are expensive and brittle by nature. The promising alternative are silver nanowire networks. Researchers from Eindhoven developed better ways to produce and characterize them.
October 3rd 2019
DIFFER researcher Matteo Parente was awarded three prizes at the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) Fall Meeting 2019, held at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.  
September 1st 2019
Francesco, who is a joint PhD student with the group of prof. Jaime Gómez Rivas at TU/e, will study how to modify chemical reactions by strongly coupling molecular excitations to resonances in plasmonic cavities. Mike will develop a colloidal method to make 2D nanoparticle arrays for cheap and flexible photonic device applications.