M.N. Tsampas, senior researcher

  • 07/2014 - now: Senior researcher at DIFFER
  • 11/2011 - 06/2014: Post-doctoral researcher, Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse et l’Environnement de Lyon (IRCELYON) (France), Air cleaning, Gas treatment, Atmospheric chemistry
  • 03/2011 - 10/2011: Post-doctoral researcher, The Cyprus Institute (CyI), Energy, environment and water research center, (Cyprus)
  • 02/2010 - 12/2010: Post-doctoral researcher, University of Patras, Laboratory of chemical and electrochemical processes (Greece)
  • 02/2005 - 01/2010: PhD in (electro)catalysis ,and MSc in Physical, chemical and biochemical processes, University of Patras, Laboratory of chemical and electrochemical processes (Greece)

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QR Mihalis Tsampas

G. Zafeiropoulos, PhD student

I completed both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Patras. During my Bachelor’s thesis I focused on the impact of radioactive elements and the isolation of those from the environment. In my Master’s research I worked on production of metallic nickel catalysts supported on zirconia for the production of green diesel using vegetable oils, such as sunflower oil, as feedstock. Currently, I am working on photoelectrochemistry field investigating potential electrodes that can be used in a photoelectrochemical cell for hydrogen production using gas reactants. Outside of working hours I enjoy watching every kind of sports especially snooker and football. Although my true passion is investigating the period of WWII and its impact on our lives even today because as W. Churchill said “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”

H. Patel, Postdoc

I am a Chemical Engineering graduate from the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, University of Pune. India. After graduation I joined Thermax Limited, India where I first started working in the energy sector. After a brief stint at Thermax, I started his masters in Sustainable Energy Technology from the Applied Sciences faculty at Delft University of Technology. During my masters I worked at the Reactor Institute Delft on polymer composite solid acid electrolytes for fuel cell applications. I also worked on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) on an internship at IHC Merwede. This culminated in a PhD at the Process and Energy department (Faculty 3ME) at the TU Delft working on SOFC model anodes and systems studies. Currently I work on combining plasma and electrochemical approaches for the production of fuels and/or useful chemicals. Aside from work I enjoy playing/ watching/ organizing cricket and badminton in addition to being an enthusiastic cook.

V. Kyriakou, Postdoc 

  • 2017-now Postdoc, CO2/H2O coelectrolysis, DIFFER, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  • 2016 Postdoc scholar of French Embassy in Greece, Université de Lyon, Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse et l'Environnement de Lyon, CNRS, France
  • 2012-2016- Postdoc Laboratory of Electrochemical Processes, Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute (CPERI), Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece
  • 2010-2012- MSc in Physical Chemistry of Materials and Electrochemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2009-2012, PhD in Electrochemical Processes and Electrocatalysis, Chemical Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2002-2008, Diploma in in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Scholar: