The group Photonics for Energy has state of the art nanophotonics and THz laboratories.


We have an advanced nanophotonic laboratory consisting of several setups: a microscope for micro-photoluminescence, a confocal microscope with a scanning head for fluorescence life-time imaging, a set of rotation stages for angular dependent measurements of the transmission, reflection and luminescence and several Fourier microscopes for directional emission and excitation of nanostructures. These setups are used in combination with several lasers and detectors: diode lasers, ion lasers, optical parametric oscillator, aud amplifier, high efficiency spectrometers and CCD cameras, photon-multipliers, avalanche photo-detectors.

THz photonics

We have two THz time-domain spectrometers one of which allows for time-resolved measurements of photoexcited carriers. As optical pump we have an optical parametric amplified laser operating from 400 nm up to the infrared. We also have a THz time-domain near-field microscope that we have modified to do optical-pump THz near-field microscopy.

“THz near-field probe scanning over a metasurface of resonant dolmens”
“THz near-field probe scanning over a metasurface of resonant dolmens”


In addition, we have access to the state of the art clean-room facilities at the NanoLab@TU/e, which enables the fabrication of high quality samples and devices.