Photonics for Energy news

October 11th 2017
The prize was given for his “unique capacity to study fundamental physical phenomena at the highest level, giving rise to remarkable results and the ability of obtaining relevant applications from his research”. Gabriel was a postdoc in our group at AMOLF and Philips from 2011 until 2014. During this period he investigated the application of plasmonics for solid state lighting. His research was published in highly cited articles and led to several patent applications. We congratulate Gabriel with this excellent prize.
October 11th 2017
Our former PhD student Said Rodriguez has been appointed as project leader at the NWO Institute AMOLF to start the group “Interacting Photons”. Said got his PhD (‘Cum Laude’) at TU Eindhoven, having worked at AMOLF and Philips. His PhD thesis was awarded with the FOM Prize for the best Physics PhD thesis in 2015 and got an special mention at the Christiaan-Huygens prize. Next to his PhD thesis he worked at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (France) as a Marie-Curie fellow. We congratulate Said for his appointment and wish him a lot of excellent results at AMOLF.
April 19th 2017
Interview with Jaime Gomez Rivas at Brainport Eindhoven about his recently awarded NWO Vici-grant.   Source:
April 18th 2017
Jaime Gómez Rivas has been awarded with a NWO Vici-grant. In this video he explains what he is going to do with the 1.5 million euro grant: improving the charge transport in materials by transferring properties of light to those materials. Source: