Plasma Micro-Turbulence Publications

Plasma Micro-Turbulence Publications

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P. Costello, J.H.E. Proll, G.G. Plunk, M.J. Pueschel, J.A. Alcuson , The universal instability in optimised stellarators , J. Plasma Phys. , 89 (2023) 905890402 ,Open Access , DOI
B. Tripathi, A.E. Fraser, P.W. Terry, E.G. Zweibel, M.J. Pueschel, E.H. Anders , Nonlinear mode coupling and energetics of driven magnetized shear-flow turbulence , Phys. Plasmas , 30 (2023) 072107 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Chandrarajan J., B.F. McMillan, M.J. Pueschel , On the impact of temperature gradient flattening and system size on heat transport in microtearing turbulence , Nuclear Fusion , 63 (2023) 066024 ,Open Access , DOI
M. Hamed, M.J. Pueschel, J. Citrin, M. Muraglia, X. Garbet, Y. Camenen , On the impact of electric field fluctuations on microtearing turbulence , Phys. Plasmas , 30 (2023) 042303 ,Open Access , 2023_5728.pdf , DOI
E. Oyarzabal, F.L. Tabares, M. Liniers, D. Alegre, D. Tafalla, K.J. McCarthy, A. de Castro, T.W. Morgan, J.G. A. Scholte, M. Iafrati , et al. , Comparative study of different Sn wetted W CPSs exposed to NBI fluxes in the OLMAT facility , Fusion Eng. Des. , 190 (2023) 113711 ,Open Access , DOI
M.J. Gerard, B. Geiger, M.J. Pueschel, A. Bader, C.C. Hegna, B.J. Faber, P.W. Terry, S.T.A. Kumar, J. Schmitt , Optimizing the HSX Stellarator for Microinstability by Coil-Current Adjustments , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 056004 ,Open Access , DOI
P.Y. Li, M.J. Pueschel, P.W. Terry, G.G. Whelan , On the Role of Mode Resonances in Regulating Zonal-Flow-Moderated Plasma Microturbulence , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 026028 ,Open Access , DOI


D.R. Hatch, C. Michoski, D. Kuang, B. Chapman-Oplopoiou, M. Curie, M. Halfmoon, E. Hassan, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Mahajan, M.J. Pueschel , et al. , Reduced models for ETG transport in the pedestal , Phys. Plasmas , 29 (2022) 062501 ,Open Access , 2022_5271.pdf , DOI
T.S. Pedersen, I. Abramovic, P. Agostinetti, Agredano Torres, S. Akaslompolo, Alcuson Belloso, P. Aleynikov, K. Aleynikova, M.J. Pueschel, M.R. de Baar , et al. , Experimental confirmation of efficient island divertor operation and successful neoclassical transport optimization in Wendelstein 7-X , Nucl. Fusion , 62 (2022) 042022 ,Open Access , DOI
J.H.E. Proll, G.G. Plunk, B.J. Faber, T. Gorler, P. Helander, I.J. McKinney, M.J. Pueschel, H.M. Smith, P. Xanthopoulos , Turbulence mitigation in maximum-J stellarators with electron-density gradient , J. Plasma Phys. , 88 (2022) 905880112 ,Open Access , DOI