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Advanced Magnetohydrodynamics

·  Advanced Magnetohydrodynamics; with Applications to Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas,

by Hans Goedbloed, Rony Keppens, and Stefaan Poedts

Rony Keppens (home page)

Stefaan Poedts (home page)

Following on from the companion volume Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics, this textbook analyzes the applications of plasma physics to thermonuclear fusion and plasma astrophysics from the single viewpoint of MHD. This approach turns out to be ever more powerful when applied to streaming plasmas (the vast majority of visible matter in the Universe), toroidal plasmas (the most promising approach to fusion energy), and nonlinear dynamics (where it all comes together with modern computational techniques and extreme transonic and relativistic plasma flows). The textbook interweaves theory and explicit calculations of waves and instabilities of streaming plasmas in complex magnetic geometries. It is ideally suited to advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in plasma physics and astrophysics.

CONTENTS Part III. Flow and Dissipation: 12. Waves and instabilities of stationary plasmas; 13. Shear flow and rotation; 14. Resistive plasma dynamics; 15. Computational linear MHD; Part IV. Toroidal Plasmas: 16. Static equilibrium of toroidal plasmas; 17. Linear dynamics of static toroidal plasmas; 18. Linear dynamics of stationary toroidal plasmas; Part V. Nonlinear Dynamics: 19. Computational nonlinear MHD; 20. Transonic MHD flows and shocks; 21. Ideal MHD in special relativity; Appendices.

ISBN 9780521879576 (hardback, Cambridge, UK branch);

ISBN 9780521705240 (paperback, Cambridge, UK branch).

ISBN 9780521879576 (hardback, New York branch);

ISBN 9780521705240 (paperback, New York branch).

·  A book presentation was held at Rijnhuizen on 11 June 2010, with musical accompaniment on the viola da gamba:


Ralph Rousseau (home page)

·  A workshop on "Advanced Magnetohydrodynamics" was held 11-15 April 2011 at Leiden University. All presentations may be viewed at: Workshop-Lorentz Center

·  Errata on Advanced Magnetohydrodynamics:

ErrataAdvMHD.pdf (updated 17 May 2017)

Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics

·  Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics; with Applications to Laboratory and Astrophysical Plasmas,

by Hans Goedbloed and Stefaan Poedts (Cambridge University Press, 2004):

This textbook provides a modern and accessible introduction to magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). It describes the two main applications of plasma physics -- laboratory research on thermo-nuclear fusion energy and plasma-astrophysics of the solar system, stars and accretion disks -- from the single viewpoint of MHD. This approach provides effective methods and insights for the interpretation of plasma phenomena on virtually all scales, from the laboratory to the Universe. It equips the reader with the necessary tools to understand the complexities of plasma dynamics in extended magnetic structures. The classical MHD model is developed in detail without omitting steps in the derivations, and problems are included at the end of each chapter. This text is ideal for senior-level undergraduate and graduate courses in plasma physics and astrophysics.

CONTENTS Part I. Plasma Physics Preliminaries: 1. Introduction; 2. Elements of plasma physics; 3. 'Derivation' of the macroscopic equations; Part II. Basic Magnetohydrodynamics: 4. The MHD model; 5. Waves and characteristics; 6. Spectral theory; 7. Waves and instabilities on inhomogeneous plasmas; 8. Magnetic structures and dynamics; 9. Cylindrical plasmas; 10. Initial value problem and wave damping; 11. Resonant absorption and wave heating; Appendices.

ISBN 0521 6 2347 2 (hardback);

ISBN 0 521 62607 2 (paperback).

·  Book review by Prof. Eugene Parker: J. Fluid Mechanics (2004), 519, p. 377-379.

·  A workshop with the same name was held 21-24 March 2005 at Leiden University: Lorentz Center

·  Errata on Principles of Magnetohydrodynamics:

ErrataPrMHD.pdf (updated 12 May 2017)


·  Lectures at Astronomy Department, University of Sao Paulo, March-May 2007:

AdvancedMHD.pdf (Description of the course)

MHD1.pdf (Introduction)

MHD2.pdf (Elements of plasma physics)

MHD4.pdf (The MHD model)

MHD5.pdf (Waves and characteristics)

MHD6.pdf (Spectral theory)

MHD7.pdf (Waves and instabilities in inhomogeneous plasmas)

MHD8.pdf (Magnetic structures and dynamics)

MHDF.pdf (Flow: Waves and instabilities in stationary plasmas)

MHDR.pdf (Resistive plasmas)

MHDT.pdf (Toroidal plasmas)

MHDS.pdf (Transonic MHD flows and shocks)

MHDapp.pdf (Appendices: Vector identies and Tables)

RT.tar.bz2 (Exercise of MHD7: Fortran files for Rayleigh-Taylor instability)

Solo.tar.bz2 (Exercise of MHDT: Fortran files for Soloviev equilibrium)

·  Publications Goedbloed et al.:

Publications.pdf (updated 2 June 2018)

·  "Interview met Hans Goedbloed" (in Dutch), Interkom nr. 3, Zomer 2011:


·  "Elektrische en magnetische velden" (in Dutch), Interkom nr. 4, Herfst 2014:


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