NNV Symposium: Climate, Seas and Oceans

The NNV-section Energy and Climate organizes the symposium 'Climate, seas and oceans' at DIFFER in Eindhoven - online if needed. The subtitle of the event is: 'Current status and latest developments in modeling, observations and processes'.  


  • Appy Sluijs, Paleoceanography, Ocean Acidification and Reconstructing the Climate
  • Rob van Dorland, Summary of the Latest Results from the IPCC, KNMI
  • Hiske Overweg, En-ROADS Climate Workshop
  • Gert-Jan Reichart, New Observation Vessels for Sea-Going Expeditions, Observations and Pleoclimatology, NIOZ
  • Ilse Aben, Satellite observations: Methane is ‘hot’, SRON/VU
  • Frank Selten, KNMI, Extreme Weather Conditions, Draught,Next Generation Climate Scenario’s
  • Aimee Slangen, NIOZ, Local Effects on Sea Level changes

The symposium is free for NNV members, non-members pay € 25,00. More information can be found at the NNV website. The symposium will be in English. 

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Sea ice
Credit: Shutterstock


Friday, February 17, 2023 - 09:30 to 15:00