Request beam time

Request beam time

You can request beam time at the IBF via the IBF application form (Teams doc). A committee reviews and selects the submitted proposals once a week. Shortly after submitting the proposal form you will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt. Subsequently, we will evaluate your proposal and contact you if further information is needed to complete the proposal.

Ion Beam Facility - plasmasource

Ion Beam Facility: plasma source. (c) DIFFER/Bart van Overbeeke

Rates for internal use (DIFFER only)

  • running the IBF facility (including operators) - provided upon request
  • costs of analysis of the IBA data - provided upon request
  • additional (non-standard) equipment or materials

Rates for external use

  • running the IBF facility (including operators) - negotiable
  • costs of analysis of the IBA data - negotiable
  • usage of non-standard equipment, materials, and expensive gases might incur additional costs
  • collaborators can receive a negotiable discount

After the experiments
All collaborators, both in-house scientists and external researchers, are asked to provide DIFFER with a 1 page technical and scientific report describing the outcome of the experiments within three months after completion of their experiments. All publications resulting from experiments carried out at the DIFFER Ion Beam Facility should use the following acknowledgment phrase: We acknowledge the support of the Ion Beam Facility at DIFFER.