Declaration of Amsterdam: for an inclusive workplace

November 18th 2021

Margot Weijnen (NWO, left) and Bianca Nijhof (Workplace Pride, right)
signed the Declaration of Amsterdam. Photo: WPP/Greenwood.

NWO today signed the Declaration of Amsterdam, committing the organisation to creating a corporate culture that is inclusive and fosters the integration of LGBTI+ employees. By signing the Declaration, NWO undertakes to adopt measures that foster a working environment in which everyone feels welcome, can be their authentic selves and can realise their full potential, individually and in teams. The Declaration of Amsterdam is an initiative of Workplace Pride, an international not-for-profit foundation based in Amsterdam, which has been campaigning for ten years to promote inclusive corporate cultures by raising awareness, monitoring progress, conducting research, providing training and building networks.

Specific actions
NWO joined Workplace Pride several years ago and regularly organises events devoted to encouraging knowledge-sharing and networking among the employees of NWO itself, as well as its institutes. The Declaration of Amsterdam was signed during the LGBTI+ conference ‘DIFFER(ent) kinds of energy’ at the NWO institute DIFFER. Signing the Declaration marks a further step in the organisation’s efforts to reverse existing patterns, structures and processes and so cultivate a more inclusive workplace. The Declaration includes an agreement to reserve a fixed amount per employee for programmes to support inclusiveness, as well as commitments to adopt internal measures and to monitor progress in achieving its goals.

Worldwide benchmark
In anticipation of the signing of the Declaration, last year NWO completed the Workplace Pride Global Benchmark, a tool designed to measure the quality of an organisation’s LGBTI+ policies. The benchmark is also used by internationally active employers and therefore closely reflects the international profile of NWO’s institutes. The benchmark also suggests practical improvements to policies and practices and shows how the organisation performs in relation to its peers. NWO will draft a plan for the implementation of policies on diversity and inclusivity recommended in the benchmark report. One of the improvements suggested in the report was to strengthen and support structures that contribute to progress with the implementation of LHBTI+ policies within the organisation. In addition, NWO is investigating the inclusiveness of the working conditions for all of our employees.

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