CCER agreement with TU/e signed

November 8th 2017

In the CCER (Centre for Computational Energy Research), DIFFER and Eindhoven University of Technology join forces to accelerate energy innovation by integrating high performance computing with energy research. On Tuesday 7 November managing director Drs. Jolie van Wevelingen at the TU/e faculties of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering (center) and DIFFER's institute manager Dr. Wim Koppers signed the formal collaboration agreement to set up the CCER.


Left to right: CCER members Paul Bezembinder and Peter
Bobbert, TU/e TN/EE Managing Director Jolie van Wevelingen,
DIFFER institute director Wim Koppers.
Credit: Chidozie Onwudinanti


Since the official CCER opening event on 21 June 2017, the centre has produced its first scientific publication on accurate and efficient band gap predictions of metal halide perovskites using the DFT-1/2 method in Nature Scientific Results. CCER is also organising a seminar series for specialists in computational (energy) research.