May 17th 2018
On 3 and 4 May 2018 DIFFER hosted a meeting on Energy Storage for the European Energy Research Alliance EERA. Fifty experts from all over Europe joined the meeting to discuss progress in energy storage technology.
April 25th 2018
DIFFER is proud to present its Annual Report 2017. Download it and read the highlights about our people, research, facilities and events!
April 20th 2018
DIFFER ontvangt Happy Building Award 2017
Een duurzaam gebouw waar mensen prettig werken en elkaar ontmoeten: medewerkers en bezoekers aan DIFFER in Eindhoven zijn vol lof over de nieuwbouw van het instituut. En dat laten ze weten. Op staat DIFFER al jaren bovenaan in deze publieksranking van prettigste gebouwen. Op 18 april werd DIFFER daarom beloond met de eerste Happy Building Award tijdens het Building Holland event in de Rai Amsterdam.
April 20th 2018
Vibrant atmosphere during SCOM workshop
From April 16th till April 18th, a packed Senaatszaal at Eindhoven University of Technology listened to 38 lectures by international researchers about the latest developments in the study of the strong coupling involving organic molecules and optical cavities. The workshop was opened by photonics researcher Jaime Gómez Rivas (TU/e and DIFFER), who proudly stated that this second edition of the workshop attracted about 125 people from Europe, Japan and the US, indicating the increasing interest in this emerging field.
April 18th 2018
First plasma in the Upgraded Pilot-PSI facility
On Wednesday April 11th, the team of Fusion Facilities & Instrumentation at DIFFER achieved an important milestone by igniting the first plasma in the experimental facility Upgraded Pilot-PSI (UPP). With this new facility, research will be performed on what occurs in the top several hundreds of nanometers of materials during exposure to the plasma conditions inside a fusion reactor. When ready, UPP will consist not only of a plasma chamber, but also of a new connection to the Ion Beam Facility (IBF) that is already active at DIFFER for material research. The IBF offers the necessary diagnostics to analyse processes inside the samples during exposure to the plasma.