Transmission line studies for ITER compatible reflectometers

TitleTransmission line studies for ITER compatible reflectometers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsD. Wagner, W. Kasparek, G. Gantenbein, M.E Manso, J. Sanchez, A.JH Donne
JournalReview of Scientific Instruments
Date PublishedJan
ISBN Number0034-6748

Corrugated circular transmission lines are considered as high performance, low loss, broadband lines for reflectometry on ITER. These lines are proposed as a possible solution for the equatorial low-field-side system and as a part (receiver-vacuum vessel) of the transmission lines for the high-field side and the out-of-midplane reflectometer system, because of their restricted access. Theoretical and experimental studies show the good properties of these lines: low losses, a smooth characteristic transmission, and a Very low level of parasitic reflections. Quasioptical systems are also proposed as a solution for the coupling of several microwave emitter receivers, working in a fundamental waveguide, into a single broadband corrugated line. (C) 1997 American Institute of Physics.



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