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Please use the form below to register for the ECCM Research Day 2021 which will be organized at DIFFER on 11 November 2021.

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I have read the DIFFER Privacy Statement and the ECCM Privacy Policy and I hereby give ECCM permission to use my email address to send information about the conference.

During the ECCM Research Day of there will probably be pictures taken. These photos are intended for reporting purposes after the event, for example to our subsidizers in our annual report or in a news item on our website, on LinkedIn or internal channels such as our intranet. ECCM/NWO places a news item including these photos on the basis of its legitimate interest in providing information about our work and events. We only use mood photos where you are photographed from some distance.
Should we take a portrait photo of you and want to use it for publication purposes, we will ask you for permission. The photographer may provide you with a consent form asking if you agree to the taking and use of the photo.
If you have any questions or would like to withdraw your consent, including after the event, you can always contact eccmday [28] differ [368] nl.