Application form Magnum-PSI

Magnum-PSI is a large facility that is open for external users in collaboration with our in-house research groups. If you are interested in participating in experiments at Magnum-PSI , the first step is to determine if Magnum-PSI’s main parameters are suitable for your experiment. If you are not sure, you can contact the scientific program committee (Thomas Morgan or Hans van Eck).

Single Target holder Magnum-PSI
Tungsten blocks mounted on the
single target holder in Magnum-PSI

The next step is to fill in and submit the application form below. Be sure to include a description of the samples you would like to expose and the plasma conditions you would like to achieve. We will evaluate your initial description and contact you for further information. Evaluation criteria are scientific and technical soundness, alignment with our own research program and a well-reasoned need to use the unique Magnum-PSI facilities. After your experiment is approved and put in the planning we will work out the technical details together. You are also required to present your experimental plan in the Magnum-PSI planning meeting to inform our staff about the upcoming program and to possibly iron out the last wrinkles.

Shortly after submitting the form below, you should receive an email confirmation. Please contact us by mail or phone if you do not receive this confirmation.

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