Integrated Modelling and MHD Publications

Integrated Modelling and MHD Publications

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G.L. Derks, B. Kool, C. Vincent, S. Elmore, S. Henderson, J.T. W. Koenders, J. Lovell, G. McArdle, B. Parry, R. Scannell , et al. , Development of real-time density feedback control on MAST-U in L-mode , Fusion Engineering and Design , 202 (2024) 114387 ,Open Access , DOI
G.L. Derks, E. Westerhof, M. van Berkel, J.H. Jenneskens, J.T. W. Koenders, S. Mijin, D. Moulton, H. Reimerdes, H.C. Wu , Multi-machine benchmark of the self-consistent 1D scrape-off layer model DIV1D from stagnation point to target with SOLPS-ITER , Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion , 66 (2024) 055004 ,Open Access , DOI
J.P. Goedbloed, S. Poedts , On boundary conditions for magnetohydrodynamic waves in flux tubes with a pressure jump , Research Notes of the AAS , 8 (2024) 60 ,Open Access , DOI
L. Zanisi, A. Ho, J. Barr, T. Madula, J. Citrin, S. Pamela, J. Buchanan, F.J. Casson, V. Gopakumar , Efficient training sets for surrogate models of tokamak turbulence with Active Deep Ensembles , Nuclear Fusion , 64 (2024) 036022 ,Open Access , DOI
P. Manas, J.F. Artaud, C. Bourdelle, V. Ostuni, J. Morales, J. Citrin , Maximizing the ion temperature in an electron heated plasma: from WEST towards larger devices , Nuclear Fusion , 64 (2024) 036011 ,Open Access , DOI


E. Fransson, A. Gillgren, A. Ho, J. Borsander, O. Lindberg, W. Rieck, M. Aqvist, P. Strand , A fast neural network surrogate model for the eigenvalues of QuaLiKiz , Physics of Plasmas , 30 (2023) 123904 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Burckhart, A. Bock, R. Fischer, T. Putterich, J. Stober, S. Gunter, A. Gude, J. Hobirk, M. Holzl, I. Krebs , et al. , Experimental evidence of magnetic flux pumping in ASDEX Upgrade , Nuclear Fusion , 63 (2023) 126056 ,Open Access , DOI
J. P. Goedbloed, R. Keppens, S. Poedts , Leaky modes in coronal magnetic flux tubes revisited , Journal of Plasma Physics , 89 (2023) 905890520 ,Open Access , DOI
E.R. Solano, G. Birkenmeier, C. Silva, E. Delabie, J.C. Hillesheim, A. Baciero, I. Balboa, M. Baruzzo, A. Boboc, A. Ho , et al. , L-H transition studies in tritium and deuterium–tritium campaigns at JET with Be wall and W divertor , Nuclear Fusion , 63 (2023) 112011 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Garcia, F.J. Casson, L. Frassinetti, D. Gallart, L. Garzotti, H.T. Kim, M. Nocente, S. Saarelma, F. Auriemma, A. Ho , et al. , Modelling performed for predictions of fusion power in JET DTE2: overview and lessons learnt , Nuclear Fusion , 63 (2023) 112003 ,Open Access , DOI