Dr. Andrea Baldi, Group Leader
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+31 (0)40 3334925
Visiting address: De Zaale 20, 5612 AJ Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Dr. Gayatri Kumari, Postdoc
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+31 (0)40 3334944
“In my research I use single nanoparticle methods to investigate the photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to monomeric or polymeric species and the nature of intermediates dominating either scenario.”



Rifat Kamarudheen, PhD student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
"In my research I study photo-thermal effects in plasmonic nanoparticles and the assembly of hierarchical nanostructures using light."



Matteo Parente, PhD student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
“In my PhD project I use plasmon resonances as sensors of chemical and physical processes, such as charge equilibration at metal/semiconductor interfaces and conformational changes in molecular machines.”



Ruben Hamans, PhD student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
"In my project I use super-resolution microscopy to study plasmon-enhanced catalytic processes."



Francesco Verdelli, PhD student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
"In my project I modify chemical reactions using strong coupling between molecular excitations and nanoparticle array cavities."



Guus Aalbers, Bachelor student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
"My Bachelor thesis project focuses on the light-driven synthesis of plasmonic nanoparticles."



Bram van Kuyck, Bachelor student
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+31 (0)40 3334944
"In my Bachelor thesis I use super-resolved microscopy to create temperature maps with sub-diffraction limited details."






Master students

Andrea Ferreira de Abreu



Gabi Castellanos Gonzales



Bachelor students

Thomas Groeneveld



Ruth Verbroekken



Daphne Sayasilpi



Joost Reinders