Plasma Solar Fuels Devices Publications

Plasma Solar Fuels Devices Publications

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O. Biondo, A. Hughes, A.W. van de Steeg, S. Maerivoet, B. Loenders, G.J. van Rooij, A. Bogaerts , Power concentration determined by thermodynamic properties in complex gas mixtures: the case of plasma-based dry reforming of methane , Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. , 32 (2023) 045001, DOI
D. Douat, S. Ponduri, T. Boumans, O. Guaitella, S. Welzel, E. Carbone, R. Engeln , The role of the number of filaments in the dissociation of CO2 in dielectric barrier discharges , Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. , 32 (2023) 055001 ,Open Access , DOI
E.R. Mercer, S. van Alphen, C.F. A. M. van Deursen, T.W. H. Righart, W.A. Bongers, R. Snyders, A. Bogaerts, M.C. M. van de Sanden, F.J. J. Peeters , Post-plasma Quenching to Improve Conversion and Energy Efficiency in a CO2 Microwave Plasma , Fuel , 334 (2023) 126734 ,Open Access , DOI
M. Altin, L. Vialetto, S. Longo, P. Viegas, P. Diomede , A Modified Fokker–Planck Approach for a Complete Description of Vibrational Kinetics in a N2 Plasma Chemistry Model , J. Phys. Chem. A , 127 (2023) 261–275 ,Open Access , DOI


H.Y. Ma, R. K. Sharma, S. Welzel, M.C. M. van de Sanden, M.N. Tsampas, W. Schneider , Observation and rationalization of nitrogen oxidation enabled only by coupled plasma and catalysts , Nat. Commun. , 13 (2022) 402 ,Open Access , DOI
R.F. Hamans, M. Parente, A. Garcia-Etxarri, A. Baldi , Optical Properties of Colloidal Silver Nanowires , J. Phys. Chem. C , 126 (2022) 8703-8709 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Pandiyan, V. Kyriakou, D. Neagu, S. Welzel, A.P. H. Goede, M.C. M. van de Sanden, M.N. Tsampas , CO2 conversion via coupled plasma-electrolysis process , J. CO2 Util. , 57 (2022) 101904 ,Open Access , DOI