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Welcome to DIFFER

Our mission is to perform fundamental research on materials, processes, and systems for a global sustainable energy infrastructure. We host unique user facilities for energy and materials research.

News & events

Joint European Torus (JET) test succesvol nieuwe oplossingen voor toekomstige fusiecentrales

JET interior with superimposed plasma - credit UKAEA courtesy of EUROfusion

Breakthrough in organic electrodes for sustainable energy storage

Organic electrodes for green energy

Scalable photoanodes for gold hydrogen

Photoanode Cr: DIFFER

Farewell Symposium Tony Donné

Tony Donné
Dec 13th - Symposium
December 13, 2023

DIFFER Seminar: Revealing (multi-phase and reactive) flow within porous media through…

DIFFER event
Dec 14th - Seminar
December 14, 2023

MaterialenNL Conference

Materialen NL banner
Dec 23rd - Symposium
December 23, 2023

Fusion Energy & Solar Fuels research

At DIFFER, we are carrying out groundbreaking fundamental research on energy. Our research focuses on two major energy themes: research into fusion energy as a clean, safe and sustainable energy source and research into the conversion and storage of sustainable energy in solar fuels. Click below for more information about one of these research themes.


Research facilities

Our facilities for Fusion Energy and Solar Fuels research are designed and operated by an experienced team of researchers and engineers. DIFFER’s world class facility Magnum-PSI is the only laboratory in the world that can investigate materials under the extreme heat and particle loads that will exist in future fusion reactors.

Magnum-PSI facility
Ion Beam Facility
Ion Beam Facility
Solar Fuels Laboratories
Solar Fuels Laboratories
Working at

Working in multidisciplinary teams

DIFFER believes that the performance of excellent research thrives on a balanced work force. We want to create an environment where everyone feels at home and can bring out the best in themselves.

Our network

International partners

We cannot realise sustainable and relevant energy solutions by ourselves. DIFFER works together with researchers from companies, universities, knowledge and research institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. We share our knowledge and we jointly elaborate our ideas and test systems so that these can eventually be used commercially on a large scale.

Aarhus University
TU Eindhoven
FZ Jülich
TU Delft
University of Twente