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September 24th 2020
The MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center is partnering with Commonwealth Fusion Systems to design and build SPARC, a device whose goal is to demonstrate net fusion plasma energy gain Q  > 2 in a compact (R~1.8 m) D-T tokamak. The toroidal field coils will use REBCO high-temperature superconductors and R&D progress towards achieving B=12 tesla will be described. SPARC’s detailed design and mission are discussed, including the addition of an advanced long-leg divertor.
September 10th 2020
In this talk we focus on the various energy grids, their coupling, and the control of the grids while having more and more embedding of renewables, and various storage devices. The two perspectives and the integration thereof that will be treated are the physical layer  and the optimization layer of a grid, where market structures are relevant. A combination of passivity based control techniques, as well as optimization in a combined distributed and hierarchical market structure will be considered.
August 24th 2020
The 14th Carolus Magnus Summer School on Plasma and Fusion Energy Physics CMSS has been postponed to 2021
due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
July 6th 2020
PhD defense
DIFFER researcher Rifat Kamarudheen will defend his PhD thesis titled "Plasmon-Driven Synthesis of Hierarchical Nanostructures" on 6 July 2020. The defense will take place online.
June 26th 2020
Are you interested in the latest developments of electrification, electrochemistry and the energy transition? Join the online Dutch conference on ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials on Friday 26 June starting 1 pm CEST. Our international experts will start the conference by introducing the state of the art in ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials.