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January 13th 2020
PhD defense
DIFFER researcher Rochan Sinha will defend his PhD thesis titled “Structure-property-performance relationships in photoanode materials” on 13 January 2020. The defense will take place in the Atlas Building of Eindhoven University of Technology.
January 13th 2020
The development of robust and inexpensive semiconducting materials that operate at high efficiency are needed to make the direct solar-to-fuel energy conversion by photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells economically viable. In this presentation the strategy of PEC solar fuel production is introduced and our laboratory’s progress in the development new light absorbing materials and co-catalysts will be discussed along with the application toward overall solar water splitting tandem cells for H2 production.
January 9th 2020
The southernmost continent holds much appeal for a variety of reasons. One century ago, visiting its icy shores posed a great challenge, while whales and seals were exploited as a natural resource. Today, Antarctica's fascinating but fragile ecosystem is embattled amidst climate change and the threat of its ores being extracted once the Antarctic Treaty may expire in 2041. This photo presentation offers a glimpse into the sparse Antarctic fauna and flora as well as the pristine beauty and serenity of its glaciers, icebergs, and clear waters.
December 19th 2019
Renewable power sources like solar and wind energy are intermittent, and this is associated with a number of challenges regarding balancing demand and supply of electricity. Generally, considering a year’s period, there are timeframes with excess power and with a shortage. A complication is that different timescales play a role in the balancing challenge. Energy storage is a way to solve this.
December 13th 2019
DIFFER, the former FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen, will turn 60 this year. We celebrate this special moment with a symposium and reception. Would you like to register? Please visit DIFFER 60.