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November 24, 2022
Abstract:  The catalytic chemistry of nitrogen is inextricably linked with mankind’s use of energy. Largescale nitrogen fixation (N2 → NH3) revolutionized the production of fertilizer, enabled the population explosion of the 20th century, and now accounts for several percent of the world’s annual energy consumption. NOx reduction (NOx → N2) is integral to reducing the adverse impacts of transportation on urban air quality and health. These and other technologies all depend at their heart on heterogeneous catalysis.
November 10, 2022
We will provide an overview of emerging energy topics, followed by specific activities at the University of Delaware Energy Institute on the circular economy and sustainability. We will discuss how enabling technologies, such as hierarchical multiscale materials and 3D printing, multiscale modeling, data science, and process intensification and electrification, can enable modular chemical manufacturing. We will present workpertaining to microwave, Joule, and plasma reactors.
November 9, 2022
PhD defense
On November 9th DIFFER PhD researcher Xuan Zhou will defend her thesis, titled 'High-throughput computational screening of organic molecules for organic ion battery cathodes'.
November 3, 2022
This presentation will initially focus on a wider discussion of housing economics, current debates among housing economists, and how economics can be applied to practical, policy-relevant research questions in the housing realm. The presentation will then turn to a specific research paper, which examines the targeting of rent subsidies among renting households in Ireland.
October 20, 2022
Abstract Digital media has profoundly changed how children nowadays read, play, socialize, and spend their free time. These new experiences could potentially have benefits and drawbacks to cognitive development. Such topic has been a source of many mixed findings and heated public debates.