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July 6th 2020
PhD defense
DIFFER researcher Rifat Kamarudheen will defend his PhD thesis titled "Plasmon-Driven Synthesis of Hierarchical Nanostructures" on 6 July 2020. The defense will take place online.
June 26th 2020
Are you interested in the latest developments of electrification, electrochemistry and the energy transition? Join the online Dutch conference on ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials on Friday 26 June starting 1 pm CEST. Our international experts will start the conference by introducing the state of the art in ElectroChemical Conversion & Materials.
June 24th 2020
PhD defense
DIFFER researcher Georgios Zafeiropoulos will defend his PhD thesis titled "Making hydrogen out of thin air" on 24 June 2020. The defense will take place online.
June 11th 2020
An important element in the reduction of CO2 is the change of vehicles with internal combustion engines to electric battery powered vehicles. The as such produced renewable energy can be used for individual mobility as well as for a temporary intermediate storage of excess energy. A viable electric mobility concept requires however stable cycle batteries with high specific energy (minimising weight, maximising driving range).
April 16th 2020
Abstract: In this talk we focus on the various energy grids, their coupling, and the control of the grids while having more and more embedding of renewables, and various storage devices. The two perspectives and the integration thereof that will be treated are the physical layer  and the optimization layer of a grid, where market structures are relevant. A combination of passivity based control techniques, as well as optimization in a combined distributed and hierarchical market structure will be considered.