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October 7th 2019
PhD defense
DIFFER researcher Renato Perillo will defend his PhD thesis titled “Plasma chemistry in divertor relevant plasmas” on 7 October 2019. The defense will take place in the Atlas Building of Eindhoven University of Technology.  
September 13th 2019
PhD defense
The PhD defense ceremony of Yihui Zhao is in room 0.710 of the Atlas Building, TU/e. He will be defending his PhD thesis entitled WO3 for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting: from Plain Films to 3D Architectures.
September 5th 2019
PhD defense
Tesfaye Belete defends his PhD thesis "Evaluation of (Plasma-assisted) Decomposition of Transition Metals Doped CaCO3 for CO2 Capture and Conversion" on Thursday 5 September 2019, at 11h in room 0.710 of the TU/e Atlas building.
June 21st 2019
Friday 21 June the second Netherlands conference on Electrochemical Conversion & Materials (ECCM) will be organized by the ECCM advisory committee, appointed by the Dutch government. The ECCM committee is proud to announce the keynote speakers and invites experts from academia, industry, applied research organisations, government and NGO’s to submit abstracts to contribute to the three thematic parallel sessions of the conference.
June 20th 2019
The intriguing prospects of molecular electronics, nanotechnology, biomaterials, and the aim to close the gap between synthetic and biological molecular systems are important ingredients to study the cooperative action of molecules in the self-assembly towards functional supramolecular materials and systems. The design and synthesis of well-defined supramolecular architectures require a balanced choice between covalent synthesis and the self-assembly of the fragments prepared.