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December 5th 2019
CO2 activation by plasma can be a viable route to reduce CO2 to CO, which can be used for further chemistry. The advantage of plasma activation is that it can use intermittent sustainably generated electrical power as energy source. We use inductively coupled Radio Frequency (RF) plasma, because the plasma is readily accessible to diagnostics and energy transfer from grid power to plasma power can be made very efficient.
December 2nd 2019
The Dutch Institute For Fundamental Energy Research and Instituto Superior Técnico organize a one-day workshop devoted to the modelling of the electron kinetics in low-temperature plasmas. The workshop, aimed at students (MSc or PhD) and researchers interested in the modelling of low-temperature plasmas, includes lectures by experts on different aspects of electron kinetics and a hands-on session. 
November 28th 2019
The organisers of the Workshop on the Exploration of Low-Temperature Plasma Physics (WELTPP) are glad to announce the 22nd edition of our yearly workshop. This two-days-workshop is a unique opportunity for young plasma scientists to get in touch in an informal atmosphere. This workshop is intended for active scientists working in the field of low temperature plasma physics and usually covers low up to atmospheric pressure plasmas, modelling and diagnostic techniques. Please consider a participation of yourself, your group members and help us by sharing the announcement within your network!
November 21st 2019
During the past couple of decades, optical frequency comb spectroscopy has matured from theoretical calculation and limited lab demonstration to a powerful tool suitable for different practical applications. These applications are quite diverse: from environmental monitoring, study of chemical reactions, combustion analysis and plasma study to pharmaceutical and medical diagnostics.
November 15th 2019
The first workshop organised in the frame of the KEROGREEN project will be held at DIFFER. It will focus on plasma catalytic processes and how these can be applied for production of renewable fuels and chemicals. Several presentations as well as a poster session will give an overview of current appraoches and projects on this subject. Participants can contribute to the poster session by submitting an abstract until 15 October 2019.