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October 18th 2017
abstract will follow soon
October 12th 2017
Main processes of plasma-wall interaction and impurity transport in fusion devices and their impact on the availability of the devices are discussed. According modelling tools, in particular the three-dimensional Monte-Carlo code ERO, are introduced.
October 8th 2017
Open dag
De open dag van DIFFER vindt plaats op zondag 8 oktober 2017 tijdens het nationale Weekend van de Wetenschap. De gehele TU/e-campus is dan open en iedereen is gratis welkom tussen 12.00 en 17.00 uur. Informatie over het programma:
September 21st 2017
Buildings use 40% of all our energy.  Most of this energy (nearly 70% for non-residential) is used for building systems with the goal of providing comfort for the building occupants. There exists a mismatch between simulation defined energy use ranges, and recent findings suggest that the human and its behaviour should be included. Realisation of personalised controlled comfort could provide additional flexibility for energy management in buildings.
September 14th 2017
The extensive studies of MHD instabilities in thermonuclear magnetic confinement experiments, in particular of the tokamak as the most promising candidate for a future energy producing machine, have led to an ‘intuitive’ description based on the energy principle that is very misleading for most astrophysical plasmas. The ‘intuitive’ picture almost directly singles out the dominant stabilizing field line bending energy of the Alfven waves and, consequently, concentrates on expansion schemes that minimize that contribution.