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April 26th 2018
The combination of a widely tunable infrared laser source with tandem mass spectrometry enables the routine recording of IR spectra of gaseous molecular ions. With the aid of theoretically predicted vibrational spectra, these IR spectra can be used to derive molecular structure information on the ionized species. As an example, the sites of protonation, deprotonation or metal ion attachment in a molecule can be accurately determined using “infrared ion spectroscopy” (IRIS).
April 12th 2018
Potential energy surfaces represent the total energy of a system of nuclei and electrons as a function of the nuclear configuration. These surfaces (and property surfaces, such as the dipole moment) are key tools for quasiclassical trajectory calculations, molecular spectroscopy, quantum scattering and other applications in molecular science.
April 5th 2018
Li-ion transport and local structural changes are vital in current and future batteries, however hard to monitor on a microscopic level under operando conditions. Here I will present our recent progress in the use of operando Neutron Depth Profiling, operando m-beam diffraction and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance investigating Li-ion and solid state batteries. 
March 29th 2018
Please note: Due to unavailability of the speaker this seminar will be rescheduled to a later date.
March 28th 2018
Gerard van Rooij (group leader Nonequilibrium Fuel Conversion) will give an outreach talk on energy storage and conversion during TU/e's Sustainable Energy SETalks on 28 March 2018.