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December 9th 2013
November 28th 2013
This talk will outline a simple but general theoretical analysis for multiple proton-electron transfer reactions, based on the microscopic theory of proton-coupled electron transfer reactions, recent developments in the thermodynamic theory of multi-step electron transfer reactions, and the experimental realization that many multiple proton-coupled electron transfer reactions feature decoupled proton-electron steps in their mechanism.
November 27th 2013
The ITER organization (IO) proposed in 2011 to eliminate the planned first carbon/tungsten divertor in favour of a single, full-tungsten component expected to survive to the end of the first nuclear campaigns. After two years of physics and design activity, a design was presented to an external review panel in June this year and the final position of the IO communicated to the ITER Science and Technical Advisory Committee in mid-October. Following the resulting STAC recommendation that this proposal be accepted, the ITER Council will debate the issue in their meeting of 20-21 November.
November 21st 2013
In my research I apply methods and models, developed in the natural sciences for the study of complex systems, within psychology in a non metaphorical way. In this talk I discuss a theoretical, a methodological, and a measurement example. The theoretical example concerns network models for general intelligence and attitudes. The methodological example concerns phase transitions in psychological processes such as cognition and multistable perception. The measurement example is based on (