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June 2nd 2014
Carbon dioxide utilization (CDU) has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the ten emerging transformative technologies. It is an optional suite of technologies that cab complement carbon capture and storage (CCS). While CCS will always treat CO2 as a waste and therefore have associated disposal costs, CDU treats CO2 as a commodity that can yield a profit.
May 28th 2014
Fusion energy production in hotmagnetically confined plasmas strongly benefits from a spontaneous transition to a state with double energy confinement, the H-mode. The mechanism of this transition, suppression of plasma turbulence, is poorly understood: The available experimental data cannot discriminate between the many proposed mechanisms.
Three markedly different types of transitions have been observed in experiments: sharp, oscillatory
and smooth transitions.
May 27th 2014
We perform molecular simulations to study the adsorption and diffusion behaviour of carbon dioxide in zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), and zeolitic imidazolate framewors (ZIFs). Zeolites are one of the best candidates for the capture and separation of carbon dioxide from gas streams, and numerous fundamental studies have been reported in literature for a variety of zeolites with different framework topology, pore size and cations.
May 15th 2014
After his PhD, Wouter received a GOT fellowship and was trained as a sessionleader at the JET and TCV tokamaks. After that, he became a specialist on snowflake divertor configurations, the topic of his presentation. Wouter also submitted a VENI proposal, which received very favourable referee comments after the first round. In addition to the seminar, the purpose of his visit is to outline his presentation for the interview for the 2nd round of the VENI grant.
April 24th 2014
You all know Chris as an excellent, outspoken, scientist. But were you aware that Chris is a keen science communicator, and that he publishes regularly in the technology magazine In the seminar, Chis will focus exactly on this: science communication.