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October 10th 2013
The aim of my research is to gain a fundamental understanding of touch by means of a systematic and extensive exploration on the haptic perception of shape and space. In this talk, I will present an overview of some of the research we did in the last decade.
September 10th 2013
We will discuss a technical path for systems, reactors, and materials making liquid hydrocarbon fuels from concentrated sunlight, waste carbon dioxide, and brackish water motivated to address the dual challenges posed by the strategic and economic importance of petroleum and the increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.
September 5th 2013
Many communities in the sciences as well as in the socio-economic domain are now confronted with the problem of understanding multiscale systems. I propose a generic Multiscale Modelling and Computing Framework, as developed within the MAPPER project ( I will shortly introduce a few examples of applications developed within the MAPPER project in the Fusion domain, and subsequently describe in more detail applications from the biomedical domain.
September 4th 2013
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July 23rd 2013
Understanding thermal transport at the micro- and nanoscales is critical to many technologies. For example, nanostructured thermoelectric materials are promising candidates for recovering waste heat and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels; the design of next-generation microelectronics requires knowledge of heat flow across interfaces between layers only a few atoms thick; and microfluidic devices for medical diagnostic tools will depend on detailed knowledge of transport at solid-liquid interfaces.