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June 20th 2017
(Please note that this seminar is on Tuesday) ITER will produce long duration high energy DT plasmas. About 70 diagnostics systems will provide measurements for safe operation, machine control and plasma physics understanding. This talk will introduce the visible and infrared imaging diagnostics that will provide key information on in-vessel components heating and plasma phenomena in real-time during plasma operation.
June 15th 2017
Many decades of research in heterogeneous catalysis have yielded a wealth of knowledge on how to prepare metal nanoparticles in mesoporous carbon and oxide supports [1]. However, it is seldomly realised that this knowledge might be extremely useful also for the development of new materials for energy storage and conversion, such as in batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, gas storage materials and solar fuels materials.
June 8th 2017
Sustainable energy generation by means of wind or from solar radiation through photovoltaics or concentrated solar power will continue to increase its share of the energy mix. Intermittency due to e.g. day/night cycle, regional variation in availability, and penetration of sustainable energy into sectors other than electricity such as the chemical industry necessitates means of storage, transport and energy conversion on a large scale. A promising option is the synthesis of chemicals and artificial fuels using sustainable energy.
June 1st 2017
(Please note the deviating time) Pulsed discharges play a key role not only in various lightning phenomena, but also in energy efficient plasma processing, plasma horticulture, plasma medicine and in high voltage technology where the replacement of the extreme green house gas SF6 is an urgent issue. I will identify the common ground of these phenomena, sketch briefly the experimental access and then elaborate on the inherently multiscale processes in space and time.
May 30th 2017
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