June 9th 2010
9 June 2010
June 3rd 2010
3 June 2010
The Annual report 2009 (PDF) has been published. The report contains an overview of events of the last year and a discussion of the most important scientific results. It describes the work of all the groups at the institute and provides data on funding and scientific output in the appendix.
March 23rd 2010
23 March 2010
The FOM Executive Board has indicated its preference for Eindhoven Technical University as a possible new location for the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen. The institute will be expanded to become a FOM Institute for Energy Research. FOM, the part of NWO responsible for physics research, has the ambition to have Rijnhuizen become the core of a cooperation of university groups and relevant national and international partners in the field of fundamental energy research. One of the Rijnhuizen departments will in principle be relocated elsewhere; the infrared free electron laser facility FELIX/FELICE will be relocated to the Radboud University in Nijmegen. 
March 5th 2010
5 March 2010
Researchers of the FOM Institute Rijnhuizen and German colleagues have resolved the structure of a molecule in which the atoms constantly change places. The 'chemical chameleon' CH5+ is a model system for a class of molecules which play an important role in the chemistry of hydrocarbons. Using the infrared free electron laser FELIX and advanced quantumsimulations, the researchers determined the structure of CH5+. The team published its discovery in Nature Chemistry. 
February 11th 2010
11 Februari 2010
Dr. Tony Donné, head of the Fusion Physics department at Rijnhuizen, has been appointed part-time professor at Eindhoven Technical University. He will investigate Diagnostics of Fusion Plasmas at the Faculty of Applied Physics, within the sub-faculty of Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion.