July 30th 2009
29 April 2009
"Very good to excellent" is how an international external evaluation panel, chaired by prof. dr. Friedrich Wagner (director of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics), judged the FOM Institute Rijnhuizen and its three scientific departments at the end of 2008. The department GUTHz even ranked "excellent" in the evaluation, the highest mark possible. In a letter to Rijnhuizen, director dr. Hans Chang of the FOM foundation conveys the congratulations of the FOM Executive Board. Together with FOM, the General Board of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) also expresses its appreciation for the excellent performance of FOM-Rijnhuizen.
July 30th 2009
16 April 2009
Prof.dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo, head of the Fusion Physics department at FOM-Rijnhuizen, is leaving the institute to assume a full professorship at Eindhoven Technical University (TU/e).
July 30th 2009
3 April 2009
Also this year the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen organizes open houses for students and for the public. The open house for students takes place on Thursday 15 October 2009. The public open house will take place on Sunday 25 October 2009. More detailed information will be available later this year.
July 30th 2009
31 March 2009
Although biologically relevant molecules are widely studied by mass spectrometry, many fundamental questions regarding their gas-phase structure remain, even for the simplest bio-active molecules. Using the free electron laser FELIX, Jos Oomens and coworkers at the FOM Institute for Plasma Physics Rijnhuizen have identified the deprotonation site of a series of gas-phase amino acids. In general, knowledge of the precise structure of biomolecules is key to understanding their functioning.
July 30th 2009
26 February 2009
The completion of Magnum-PSI's vacuum system attracted quite some publicity. On Monday, February 23th, the Dutch science radio show Hoe?Zo! (Teleac) broadcasted interviews with Wim Koppers, Amy Shumack and Tony Donne. The item discusses the past, present and future of plasma-surface-interactions at FOM Rijnhuizen, and their relevance for the international ITER project.