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DIFFER Publications

This repository provides DIFFER's research output which contains journal articles, conference proceedings and papers, PhD theses and other materials published since 1985.

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B. Tripathi, P.W. Terry, A.E. Fraser, E.G. Zweibel, M.J. Pueschel , Three-dimensional shear-flow instability saturation via stable modes , Phys. Fluids , 35 (2023) 105151 ,Open Access , DOI
J. P. Goedbloed, R. Keppens, S. Poedts , Leaky modes in coronal magnetic flux tubes revisited , J. Plasma Phys. , 89 (2023) 905890520 ,Open Access , DOI
P. Mulholland, K. Aleynikova, B.J. Faber, M.J. Pueschel, J.H.E. Proll, C.C. Hegna, P.W. Terry, C. Nührenberg , Enhanced transport at high plasma pressure and subthreshold kinetic ballooning modes in Wendelstein 7-X , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 131 (2023) 185101 ,Open Access , DOI
Y. Li, J. Hou, V. Shah, Y. Huang, J.A. W. van Dommelen, W.J. Lu, Q. Zhu, T.W. Morgan , Amorphous and anisotropic surface relief formation in tungsten under repeated high-flux hydrogen plasma loads , Nucl. Mater. Energy , 37 (2023) 101544 ,Open Access , DOI
E.R. Solano, G. Birkenmeier, C. Silva, E. Delabie, J.C. Hillesheim, A. Baciero, I. Balboa, M. Baruzzo, A. Boboc, A. Ho , et al. , L-H transition studies in tritium and deuterium–tritium campaigns at JET with Be wall and W divertor , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 112011 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Garcia, F.J. Casson, L. Frassinetti, D. Gallart, L. Garzotti, H.T. Kim, M. Nocente, S. Saarelma, F. Auriemma, A. Ho , et al. , Modelling performed for predictions of fusion power in JET DTE2: overview and lessons learnt , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 112003 ,Open Access , DOI
H.T. Kim, F. Auriemma, J. Ferreira, S. Gabriellini, A. Ho, P. Huynh, K. Kirov, R. Lorenzini, M. Marin, J. Citrin , et al. , Validation of D-T fusion power prediction capability against 2021 JET D-T experiments , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 112004 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Hobirk, C.D. Challis, A. Kappatou, E. Lerche, D. Keeling, D. King, S. Aleiferis, E. Alessi, J. Citrin, A. Ho , et al. , The JET hybrid scenario in Deuterium, Tritium and Deuterium-Tritium , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 112001 ,Open Access , DOI
T.O.S.J. Bosman, F. Kochl, A. Ho, M.R. de Baar, D. Krishnamoorthy, M. van Berkel , Integrated model control simulations of the electron density profile and the implications of using multiple hybrid pellet injectors for control , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 126047 ,Open Access , DOI
C. Angioni, J. Citrin, A. Loarte, A. Polevoi, S.H. Kim, E. Fable, G. Tardini , Determining the access to H-mode in the ITER pre-fusion and fusion power operation phases at low plasma current with full-radius TGLF-SAT2 simulations of L-mode plasmas , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 126035 ,Open Access , DOI
J.G. A. Scholte, M. Balden, D. Brida, J. Cecrdle, R. Dux, S. Elgeti, M. Faitsch, A. Herrmann, J. Horáček, T.W. Morgan , et al. , Performance of a liquid Sn divertor target during ASDEX Upgrade L-mode and H-mode operation , Nucl. Mater. Energy , 37 (2023) 101522 ,Open Access , DOI
J.G. A. Scholte, M. Balden, B. Böswirth, S. Elgeti, H. Greuner, A. Herrmann, K. Hunger, K. Krieger, R.C. van Schaik, T.W. Morgan , et al. , Design and GLADIS testing of a liquid tin divertor module prior to exposure in ASDEX Upgrade , Nucl. Mater. Energy , 37 (2023) 101528 ,Open Access , DOI
X. Ma, R.A. J. Janssen, G.H. Gelinck , Trap-Assisted Charge Generation and Recombination in State-of-the-Art Organic Photodetectors , Adv. Mater. Technol. , 8 (2023) 2300234 ,Open Access , DOI
T. Beernaert, A. Verlaan, P. Etman, P. Giesen, E.R. J. van Beekum, M. Ribeiro, I. Bola, A.L. Moser, M. De Bock, I. Classen , et al. , From Physics to Project Management: A Multi-Domain Matrix Model for the Distributed Analysis of Nuclear Fusion Systems , Proceedings of the 25th International Dependency and Structure Modelling Conference (DSM 2023) , Oral (10/2023), DS 126 (2023) 029-038 ,Open Access , DOI
K. Verhaegh, B. Lipschultz, J.R. Harrison, F. Federici, D. Moulton, N. Lonigro, S.P. Kobussen, M. O'Mulane, B. Kool, T. Wijkamp , et al. , The role of plasma-atom and molecule interactions on power and particle balance during detachment on the MAST Upgrade Super-X divertor , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 126023 ,Open Access , DOI
Y.R.J. Poels, G.L. Derks, E. Westerhof, K. Minartz, S. Wiessen, V. Menkovski , Fast Dynamic 1D Simulation of Divertor Plasmas with Neural PDE Surrogates , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 126012 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Salden, M. Budde, C. Garcia-Soto, O. Biondo, J. Barauna, M. Faedda, B. Musig, C. Fromentin, M. NGuyen-Quang, G.J. van Rooij , et al. , Meta-analysis of CO2 conversion, energy efficiency, and other performance data of plasma-catalysis reactors with the open access PIONEER database , J. Energy Chem. , Review (11/2023), 86 (2023) 318-342 ,Open Access , DOI
Y.T. Luo, H.L. Wu, X. Zhou, J.H. Wang, S. Er, Y. Li, P.L.W. van Welzen, R.A.J.F. Oerlemans, L.K.E.A. Abdelmohsen, J.X. Shao , et al. , Polymer Vesicles with Integrated Photothermal Responsiveness , J. Am. Chem. Soc. , 145 (2023) 20073-20080 ,Open Access , DOI
A. de Castro, E. Oyarzabal, D. Alegre, D. Tafalla, M. Gonzalez, P.J. McCarthy, J.G. A. Scholte, T.W. Morgan, F.L. Tabares, OLMAT team , Physics and Technology Research for Liquid-Metal Divertor Development, Focused on a Tin-Capillary Porous System Solution, at the OLMAT High Heat-Flux Facility , J. Fusion Energy , 42 (2023) 45 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Di Siena, T. Hayward-Schneider, P. Mantica, J. Citrin, F. Vannini, A. Bottino, T. Gorler, E. Poli, R. Bilato, O. Sauter , et al. , How accurate are flux-tube (local) gyrokinetic codes in modeling energetic particle effects on core turbulence? , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 106012 ,Open Access , DOI
V.F.B. Tanke, R.S. Al, Alonso van der Westen, S. Brons, I.G. J. Classen, J.A. W. van Dommelen, H.J. N. van Eck, M.G. D. Geers, N.J. Lopes Cardozo, H.J. van der Meiden , et al. , LiMeS-Lab: An Integrated Laboratory for the Development of Liquid–Metal Shield Technologies for Fusion Reactors , J. Fusion Energy , 42 (2023) 44 ,Open Access , DOI
Y. Zhao, K. Datta, N. Phung, A. Bracesco, V. Zardetto, G. Paggiaro, H.C. Liu, M.M. Wienk, W.M. M. Kessels, R. A. J. Janssen , et al. , Optical Simulation-Aided Design and Engineering of Monolithic Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells , ACS Appl. Energy Mater. , 6 (2023) 5217-5229 ,Open Access , DOI
R. Anirudh, R. Archibald, M.S. Asif, M.M. Becker, S. Benkadda, P.T. Bremer, R.H. S. Bude, J. Citrin, C.S. Chang, L. Chen , et al. , 2022 Review of Data-Driven Plasma Science , IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. , 51 (2023) 1750 - 1838 ,Open Access , DOI
R. Gubo, P.J. Ren, D. Garcia Rodriguez, C.J. Weststrate, Y.W. Li, J.W. Niemantsverdriet , Atomistic Understanding of the Formation, Structure, and Decomposition of an Fe4C Iron Carbide Phase on a Copper Substrate , J. Phys. Chem. C , 127 (2023) 12811-12820, DOI