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DIFFER Publications

This repository provides DIFFER's research output which contains journal articles, conference proceedings and papers, PhD theses and other materials published since 1985.

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K. Li, B. Du, Y. Li, D. Wang, H. Liu, H. Zhou, G. Luo, J. Yao, T. W. Morgan, W. Liu , et al. , Blistering and retention behavior of laser powder bed fused tungsten alloys under hydrogen plasma irradiation , J. Nucl. Mater. , Short communication (07/2024), 595 (2024) 155049, DOI
G.L. Derks, B. Kool, C. Vincent, S. Elmore, S. Henderson, J. T.W. Koenders, J. Lovell, G. McArdle, B. Parry, R. Scannell , et al. , Development of real-time density feedback control on MAST-U in L-mode , Fusion Eng. Des. , 202 (2024) 114387 ,Open Access , DOI
O. Kudlacek, P. David, I. Gomez, A. Gräter, B. Sieglin, W. Treutterer, M. Weiland, T. Zehetbauer, M. van Berkel, T.O.S.J. Bosman , et al. , Overview of advances in ASDEX Upgrade plasma control to support critical physics research for ITER and beyond , Nucl. Fusion , 64 (2024) 056012 ,Open Access , DOI
M.C. M. van de Sanden, M. Dimitrova, B. Georgieva, C. Ghelev , Preface Conference Report 23rd International Summer School on Vacuum, Electron and Ion Technologies 2023 , J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. , 2710 (2024) 011001 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Abbasi, Y.A. Hugo, Z. Borneman, W. Kout, K. Nijmeijer , Long-term performance of hydrogen-bromine flow batteries using single-layered and multi-layered wire-electrospun SPEEK/PFSA/PVDF membranes , Sustain. Energy Fuels , 8 (2024) 1549-1565 ,Open Access , DOI
W.H. M. Remmerswaal, B.T. van Gorkom, D. Zhang, M.M. Wienk, R.A. J. Janssen , Quantifying Non-Radiative Recombination in Passivated Wide-Bandgap Metal Halide Perovskites Using Absolute Photoluminescence Spectroscopy , Adv. Energy Mater. , 14 (2024) 2303664 ,Open Access , DOI
G.L. Derks, E. Westerhof, M. van Berkel, J.H. Jenneskens, J. T.W. Koenders, S. Mijin, D. Moulton, H. Reimerdes, H.C. Wu , Multi-machine benchmark of the self-consistent 1D scrape-off layer model DIV1D from stagnation point to target with SOLPS-ITER , Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion , 66 (2024) 055004 ,Open Access , DOI
G.J. W. Aalbers, T.P.A. van der Pol, K. Datta, W.H. M. Remmerswaal, M.M. Wienk, R.A. J. Janssen , Effect of sub-bandgap defects on radiative and non-radiative open-circuit voltage losses in perovskite solar cells , Nat. Commun. , 15 (2024) 1276 ,Open Access , DOI
J. P. Goedbloed, S. Poedts , On boundary conditions for magnetohydrodynamic waves in flux tubes with a pressure jump , Res. Notes AAS , 8 (2024) 60 ,Open Access , DOI
T. Jitsuk, A. Di Siena, M.J. Pueschel, P.W. Terry, F. Midmer, E. Poli, J.S. Sarff , Global Linear and Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations of Tearing Modes , Nucl. Fusion , 64 (2024) 046005 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Raukema, T.O.S.J. Bosman, I.G. J. Classen, T.A. Wijkamp, A. Perek, G.L. Derks, J. T.W. Koenders, L. Martinelli, R.J. E. Jaspers, TCV team , Demonstration of a sparse sensor placement technique to the limited diagnostic set in a fusion power plant , Fusion Eng. Des. , 201 (2024) 114271 ,Open Access , DOI
L. Zanisi, A. Ho, J. Barr, T. Madula, J. Citrin, S. Pamela, J. Buchanan, F.J. Casson, V. Gopakumar , Efficient training sets for surrogate models of tokamak turbulence with Active Deep Ensembles , Nucl. Fusion , 64 (2024) 036022 ,Open Access , DOI
U. Sheikh, J. Decker, M. Hoppe, M. Pedrini, B. Sieglin, L. Simons, J.A. Cazabonne, J. Caloud, J. Cerovsky, T. Wijkamp , et al. , Benign termination of runaway electron beams on ASDEX Upgrade and TCV , Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion , 66 (2024) 035003 ,Open Access , DOI
D. Terentyev, M. Wirtz, T. W. Morgan, T. Nozawa, A. Zinovev, C.C. Chang, K. Poleshchuk, J. Elenbaas , Comparative study of ITER conform tungsten grades exposed to high heat flux and neutron irradiation damage , Fusion Eng. Des. , 200 (2024) 114200, DOI
S. Ghosh, D. Haycock, N. Mehra, S. Bera, H. Johnson, L. Roiban, M. Aouine, P. Vernoux, P. Thune, W.F. Schneider , et al. , Climbing the Hydrogen Evolution Volcano with a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy , J. Phys. Chem. Lett. , 15 (2024) 933-939, DOI
S. Kajita, A. Bieberle-Hütter , Low onset potential for oxygen evolution reaction on hematite electrodes processed with He plasma irradiation , Int. J. Hydrogen Energy , 57 (2024) 1118-1125, DOI
P. Manas, J.F. Artaud, C. Bourdelle, V. Ostuni, J. Morales, J. Citrin , Maximizing the ion temperature in an electron heated plasma: from WEST towards larger devices , Nucl. Fusion , 64 (2024) 036011 ,Open Access , DOI
O. Almora, C.I. Cabrera, S. Erten-Ela, K. Forberich, F. Guo, J. Hauch, A. W. Y. Ho-Baillie, T.J. Jacobsson, R.A. J. Janssen, T. Kirchartz , et al. , Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 4) , Adv. Energy Mater. , 14 (2024) 2303173 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Caiazzo, K. Datta, L. Bellini, M.M. Wienk, R.A. J. Janssen , Impact of Alkyl Chain Length on the Formation of Regular- and Reverse-Graded Quasi-2D Perovskite Thin Films , ACS Mater. Lett. , 6 (2024) 267-2741 ,Open Access , DOI
J.K. Wang, L. Zeng, D. Zhang, A. Maxwell, H. Chen, K. Datta, A. Caiazzo, W.H. M. Remmerswaal, N.R.M. Schipper, R.A. J. Janssen , et al. , Halide homogenization for low energy loss in 2-eV-bandgap perovskites and increased efficiency in all-perovskite triple-junction solar cells , Nat. Energy , 9 (2024) 70-80, DOI
X.L. Guo, P. Apostol, X. Zhou, J.D. Wang, X.D. Lin, D. Rambabu, M . Y. Du, S. Er, A. Vlad , Towards the 4 V-class n-type organic lithium-ion positive electrode materials: the case of conjugated triflimides and cyanamides , Energy Environ. Sci. , 17 (2024) 173-182 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Iantchenko, M.J. Pueschel, S. Brunner, S. Coda , Gyrokinetic turbulence modeling of a high performance scenario in JT-60SA , Nucl. Fusion , 64 (2024) 026005 ,Open Access , DOI