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DIFFER Publications

This repository provides DIFFER's research output which contains journal articles, conference proceedings and papers, PhD theses and other materials published since 1985.

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C.A. Orrico, T. Ravensbergen, R.A. Pitts, X. Bonnin, E. Kaveeva, J.S. Park, V. Rozhansky, I. Senichenkov, C. Watts, M.R. de Baar , Evaluation of ITER divertor shunts as a synthetic diagnostic for detachment control , Nucl. Fusion , 63 (2023) 086002 ,Open Access , DOI
X. Zhou, R. A. J. Janssen, S. Er , Virtual screening of organic quinones as cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries , Energy Adv. , 2 (2023) 820-828 ,Open Access , DOI
M.C. M. Bessa, A. Luna-Triguero, J.M. Vicent-Luna, P.M.O.C. Carmo, M.N. Tsampas, A. Mafalda-Ribeiro, A.E. Rodrigues, S. Calero, A.F.P. Ferreira , An Efficient Strategy for Electroreduction Reactor Outlet Fractioning into Valuable Products , Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. , 62 (2023) 8847-8863 ,Open Access , DOI
S.Y. Park, J.W. An, J.H. Baek, H.J. Woo, W.J. Lee, J.M. Kwon, S. Bera , Activity-Stability Trends of the Sb-SnO2@RuOX Heterostructure toward Acidic Water Oxidation , ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces , 15 (2023) 15332-15343, DOI
A. Caiazzo, A.J.L.A. Maufort, B.T. van Gorkom, W.H. M. Remmerswaal, J. Ferrer Orri, J.Y. Li, J. Wang, W. T.M. van Gompel, M.M. Wienk, R. A. J. Janssen , et al. , 3D Perovskite Passivation with a Benzotriazole-Based 2D Interlayer for High-Efficiency Solar Cells , ACS Appl. Energy Mater. , 6 (2023) 3933-3943 ,Open Access , DOI
O. Biondo, A. Hughes, A.W. van de Steeg, S. Maerivoet, B. Loenders, G.J. van Rooij, A. Bogaerts , Power concentration determined by thermodynamic properties in complex gas mixtures: the case of plasma-based dry reforming of methane , Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. , 32 (2023) 045001, DOI
D. Douat, S. Ponduri, T. Boumans, O. Guaitella, S. Welzel, E. Carbone, R. Engeln , The role of the number of filaments in the dissociation of CO2 in dielectric barrier discharges , Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. , 32 (2023) 055001 ,Open Access , DOI
C. Gillot, G. Dif-Pradalier, Y. Sarazin, C. Bourdelle, Bañón Navarro, Y. Camenen, J. Citrin, A. Di Siena, X. Garbet, P. Ghendrih , et al. , The problem of capturing marginality in model reductions of turbulence , Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion , 65 (2023) 055012 ,Open Access , 2023_5747.pdf , DOI
R. van Limpt, M. Lavorenti, M.A. Verheijen, M.N. Tsampas, M. Creatore , Control by atomic layer deposition over the chemical composition of nickel cobalt oxide for the oxygen evolution reaction , J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A , 41 (2023) 032407 ,Open Access , DOI
K. Datta, A. Caiazzo, M.A. Hope, J.Y. Li, A. Mishra, M. Cordova, Z. Chen, L. Emsley, M.M. Wienk, R. A. J. Janssen , Light-Induced Halide Segregation in 2D and Quasi-2D Mixed-Halide Perovskites , ACS Energy Letters , 8 (2023) 1662-1670 ,Open Access , DOI
A. Chandrarajan J., B.F. McMillan, M.J. Pueschel , On the impact of temperature gradient flattening and system size on heat transport in microtearing turbulence , Nuclear Fusion , 63 (2023) 066024 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Gonzalez, E. Westerhof, T.W. Morgan , SOLPS-ITER simulations of a vapour box design for the linear device Magnum-PSI , Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion , 65 (2023) 055021 ,Open Access , 2023_5726.pdf , DOI
F. Pastore, F. Felici, T.O.S.J. Bosman, C. Galperti, O. Sauter, B. Vincent, N.M. T. Vu, TCV team , Model-based electron density estimation using multiple diagnostics on TCV , Fusion Eng. Des. , 192 (2023) 113615 ,Open Access , DOI
M. Hamed, M.J. Pueschel, J. Citrin, M. Muraglia, X. Garbet, Y. Camenen , On the impact of electric field fluctuations on microtearing turbulence , Phys. Plasmas , 30 (2023) 042303 ,Open Access , 2023_5728.pdf , DOI
E. Oyarzabal, F.L. Tabares, M. Liniers, D. Alegre, D. Tafalla, K.J. McCarthy, A. de Castro, T.W. Morgan, J.G. A. Scholte, M. Iafrati , et al. , Comparative study of different Sn wetted W CPSs exposed to NBI fluxes in the OLMAT facility , Fusion Eng. Des. , 190 (2023) 113711 ,Open Access , DOI
R.J. R. van Kampen, M. van Berkel, H. Zwart , Estimating Space-Dependent Coefficients for 1D Transport Using Gaussian Processes as State Estimator in the Frequency Domain , IEEE Control Syst. Lett. , 7 (2023) 247-252 ,Open Access , 2022_5349.pdf , DOI
C.J. Weststrate, D. Sharma, D. Garcia Rodriguez, H.O. A. Fredriksson, J.W. Niemantsverdriet , Water Formation Kinetics on Co(0001) at Low and Near-Ambient Hydrogen Pressures in the Context of Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis , J. Phys. Chem. C , 127 (2023) 3452–3461, DOI
R.J. R. van Kampen, J. de Vries, S. Weiland, M.R. de Baar, M. van Berkel , Fast simultaneous estimation of nD transport coefficients and source function in perturbation experiments , Sci. Rep. , 13 (2023) 3241 ,Open Access , DOI
X. Ma, H. Bin, B.T. van Gorkom, T.P.A. van der Pol, M.J. Dyson, C.H. L. Weijtens, M. Fattori, S.C. J. Meskers, A.J. J. M. van Breemen, D. Tordera , et al. , Identification of the Origin of Ultralow Dark Currents in Organic Photodiodes , Adv. Mater. , 35 (2023) 2209598 ,Open Access , DOI
Q. Liang, G. Brocks, A. Bieberle-Hütter , First-principles study of the magnetic exchange forces between the RuO2(110) surface and Fe tip , ChemPhysChem , 24 (2023) e202200429 ,Open Access , DOI
J. Gonzalez, R. Chandra, H.J. de Blank, E. Westerhof , Coupled simulations with SOLPS-ITER and B2.5-Eunomia for detachment experiments in Magnum-PSI , Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion , 65 (2023) 045009 ,Open Access , 2023_5481.pdf , DOI