Computational Plasma Physics and Chemistry news

August 17th 2017
The manuscript "Insight into CO2 Dissociation in Plasmas from Numerical Solution of a Vibrational Diffusion Equation" has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (DOI).  
July 3rd 2017
The paper "Capacitively coupled hydrogen plasmas sustained by tailored voltage waveforms: vibrational kinetics and negative ions control" has been published in Plasma Sources Science and Technology (DOI). 
February 13th 2017
The article "Effect of gas properties on the dynamics of the electrical slope asymmetry effect in capacitive plasmas: comparison of Ar, H2 and CF4", Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 25 01LT02 has been selected as a highlight of 2016 for the Plasma Sources Science and Technology journal.