Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
DIFFER Seminar: Membraneless Alkaline Water Electrolysis (Willem Haverkort) March 9, 2023 Dr. Willem Haverkort
DIFFER seminar: Future offshore windfarm effects on the southern North Sea ecosystem (Dr Ute Daewel) February 23, 2023 Ute Daewel
DIFFER seminar: Using the magnetic field for indoor localisation (dr. Manon Kok) February 16, 2023 Manon Kok
DIFFER seminar: Net Zero by 2050 – science-based advice of EU policy makers (William Gillett) February 2, 2023 Dr William Bruce Gillett
DIFFER seminar: The Catalytic Science of Making Up and Breaking Up Dinitrogen November 24, 2022 William (Bill) F. Schneider
DIFFER seminar: Process Intensification and Electrification Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing November 10, 2022 Dion Vlachos
DIFFER seminar: The scale and impact of the local authority housing rent subsidy November 3, 2022 Dr. Eoin Corrigan
DIFFER seminar: The impact of digital media on children's cognitive development October 20, 2022 Dr. Bruno Sauce
DIFFER seminar: Multi-scale modelling of molten salt fuel system September 22, 2022 Anna L. Smith
DIFFER seminar: First Light Fusion July 14, 2022 Dr. Jonathan Skidmore
Breakthroughs in Fusion R&D Webinar Series: EAST, W7-X and MAST-U July 14, 2022
DIFFER Seminar: Magnetic control of tokamak plasmas through deep reinforcement learning June 23, 2022 Federico Felici
China's Global Impact on Human Rights June 13, 2022 Stijn Deklerck
DIFFER seminar: Research in electrocatalysis for the conversion of renewables June 8, 2022 Prof. Dr. Paolo P. Pescarmona
DIFFER seminar: The Far Right and Science: From Covid-19 to Climate Change June 2, 2022 Prof. Cas Mudde
DIFFER Seminar: Progress along the path towards fusion electricity May 17, 2022 A.J.H. (Tony) Donné
Dilemma Game: Research Integrity in Dilemmas April 21, 2022 Suleyman Er, Egbert Westerhof, Anouck Vrouwe
Online Seminar: Troubles with bubbles: Marangoni mysteries March 10, 2022 Prof. Niels Deen
DIFFER seminar: Professional decision-making with mathematics February 3, 2022 Prof.dr. A.G. de Kok
NVDE Webinar: Morgen begint vandaag: kernfusie January 27, 2022 Marco de Baar, Ruut Schalij
Online Seminar: SKA from Design to Observatory November 25, 2021 Prof. dr. André van Es
DIFFER seminar: Efficient search of novel refractory high entropy alloys with exceptional high-temperature strength October 21, 2021 Francesco Maresca
DIFFER seminar: Magnetic miracles in the accretion disks about black holes October 7, 2021 Prof. dr. Hans Goedbloed
DIFFER seminar: Powering the Future: Fusion & Plasmas, the FESAC Long Range Planning Report September 23, 2021 Prof. Troy Carter
DIFFER seminar: DAS: an institutional data repository for oceanographic data. And more? July 22, 2021 Eric Epping and Wim Pool
Online Seminar: 500 shades of grey, the many facets of (research) integrity June 24, 2021 Dr. Luca Consoli
Online seminar: Science under Siege: Institutional Distrust, Epistemological Insecurity, and Fragmentation June 17, 2021 Prof. dr. Peter Achterberg
Online seminar: Imaging Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87's Black Hole May 27, 2021 Dr. Monika Moscibrodzka
Online seminar: Progress, challenges and a virtual tour from the ITER TOKAMAK construction site May 20, 2021 Duco Jansen
Online Seminar: Solving the flavour puzzle with LHCb: Hints for Lepton non-universality April 29, 2021 Marcel Merk
The potential of liquid-metal 3D-printed heat shields for fusion reactors April 22, 2021 Dr. Peter Rindt
Online Seminar-The IPCC, its Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C and the current state of the climate negotiations April 15, 2021 Prof. Dr. Heleen de Coninck