Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
Online Seminar: A comprehensive approach to decarbonizing our world February 18th 2021 Prof. dr. ir. Paulien Herder
Online seminar: Metal Oxide-Based Thermochemical Redox Processes for Producing Solar Fuels and Storing Thermal Energy December 17th 2020 Prof. dr. Ellen Stechel
Online Seminar: Scholarship in Colonial Times: life and work of Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje December 3rd 2020 Prof. dr. Wim van den Doel
Online Seminar: Exploring the most Extreme Conditions of Matter with ultra-bright X-rays November 19th 2020 Prof. dr. Siegfried Glenzer
EnergyDays: Sustainable Mobility & Transport November 5th 2020 Maarten Steinbuch, Henri Werij, Eric van den Heuvel
Online seminar: Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy probing Dynamic Processes in Batteries October 29th 2020 Prof. Dr. Moniek Tromp
Seminar: SPARC and the high-field path to fusion energy September 24th 2020 Dr. Dennis G. Whyte
Seminar: Smart Grids (Prof. dr. ir.J. Scherpen, RUG) September 10th 2020 Prof. dr. ir. Jacquelien Scherpen
Seminar: Operando X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy probing Dynamic Processes in Batteries June 11th 2020 Prof. Dr. Moniek Tromp
Seminar: Robust distributed passivity based control and optimisation for smart energy systems April 16th 2020 Prof. dr. ir. J.M.A. (Jacquelien) Scherpen
Seminar: ITER: The Giant Fusion Reactor (book presentation) April 2nd 2020 Dr. Michel Claessens
Seminar: New alloys for high-temperature applications March 26th 2020 Dr. Francesco Maresca
Seminar: Tools voor responsible research data management March 5th 2020 Hylke Koers and Hans van Piggelen
Seminar: Functional Characterization of Photoelectrodes by X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopies February 27th 2020 Philipp Hofmann
Seminar: direct energy conversion by proteins, complexes, membranes and cells in natural photosynthesis February 20th 2020 Huub de Groot
Seminar: Data driven innovations in infrastracture sectors February 13th 2020 Prof. dr. Saskia Lavrijssen / Brenda Espinoza
Seminar: Metal halide perovskites for optoelectronics: the interplay of physics and chemistry January 23rd 2020 Dr. Shuxia Tao
Seminar (extra): Materials for Robust, Inexpensive and High Performance Photoelectrochemical Fuel Production January 13th 2020 Prof. Kevin Sivula
New year seminar: Going South: The Antarctic Peninsula January 9th 2020 M.J. Pueschel
Seminar: Energy storage in fuels and bulk chemicals – towards E-Refinery development December 19th 2019 Prof. dr. ir. Wiebren de Jong
Seminar cancelled: Controversies and energy transitions: the value of social conflict December 12th 2019 Dr. ir. Eefje Cuppen
Seminar: CO2 splitting by inductively-coupled hybrid plasma catalysis and Boudouard reactions December 5th 2019 Prof. A.W. Kleijn
Seminar: Optical frequency comb spectroscopy November 21st 2019 Dr. Amir Khodabakhsh
Seminar: Fine iron powder as renewable dense energy carrier November 14th 2019 Prof. dr. ir. N.G.Deen
Seminar: Modelling energy dissipation for molecules at surfaces November 7th 2019 Dr. Jörg Meyer
Seminar: Electrochemical conversion of CO2 into organic carbonates October 31st 2019 Dr. Marta Costa Figueiredo
Supramolecular materials for electronics and energy June 20th 2019 Bert Meijer
Manipulating light and matter at the nanoscale June 13th 2019 Esther Alarcon Llado
Polymer membranes for gas separation June 6th 2019 Kitty Nijmeijer
In Situ Investigation of Dynamic Processes in Energy Materials June 4th 2019 Matthew McDowell
Drop deformation and splashing upon (laser-pulse) impact May 23rd 2019 Hanneke Gelderblom
A sustainable electric energy future, how? May 16th 2019 Peter Vaessen