Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
Irradiation effects in fusion materials March 15th 2018 Dmitry Terentyev
The future of cars, robots and humans March 1st 2018 Maarten Steinbuch
An adjoint approach to divertor design February 15th 2018 Wouter Dekeyser
Designing system innovations; an approach February 8th 2018 John Grin
Fundamentals of fluidized bed membrane reactors February 1st 2018 Martin van Sint Annaland
The Control of Complexity January 25th 2018 Siep Weiland
The Role of Catalysis in the Clean Energy Transition January 18th 2018 Emiel Hensen
Methods, Mechanism, and Applications of Photodeposition in Photocatalysis January 11th 2018 Guido Mul
Making the most of your presentation December 12th 2017 Jean-luc Doumont
Orbital Physics in Magnetic Metal Oxides December 7th 2017 Jose Gracia
How to develop catalysts for Solar-to-Fuel devices based on molecular components November 23rd 2017 Joost Reek
Probing interlayer interaction in Van der Waals materials November 16th 2017 Sense Jan van der Molen
Atmospheric-pressure argon microwave plasma - treatment of sugarcane November 10th 2017 Jayr de Amorim Filho
Particle Transport for Nuclear Reactor Modeling and for Proton Radiotherapy November 9th 2017 Danny Lathouwers
Recent progress of studies on plasma-detachment and plasma-material interactions by utilizing linear plasma devices developed in Nagoya University October 26th 2017 Noriyasu Ohno
Power exhaust in fusion reactors October 18th 2017 Bruce Lipschultz
Modelling of plasma-wall interaction and impurity transport in fusion devices October 12th 2017 Andreas Kirschner
Energy within the Built Environment: the human in the loop process control optimization September 21st 2017 Wim Zeiler
MHD instabilities in astrophysical plasmas: very different from MHD instabilities in tokamaks! September 14th 2017 Hans Goedbloed
Future Energy Scenarios September 7th 2017 Gert Jan Kramer
Self-organizing knots in plasmas September 6th 2017 Christopher Smiet
Liquid metals for DEMO divertor applications explored using linear plasma devices July 13th 2017 Thomas Morgan
Detecting collisions of Dark Matter with ordinary matter July 6th 2017 Patrick Decowski
Ultra-Thin Film Magnetism, From Magnetic Kink Solitons to Photonic Integration June 29th 2017 Reinoud Lavrijsen
Visible and Infrared Imaging Diagnostics for ITER: Current design Status and Perspectives June 20th 2017 Vincent Martin
A Fruitful Marriage between Catalysis and Energy Storage and Conversion Research June 15th 2017 Petra de Jongh
Plasma Chemistry in the context of Electrification of Chemical Industry June 8th 2017 Gerard van Rooij
The multiscale challenge of pulsed discharges June 1st 2017 Ute Ebert
The long way to steady state fusion plasmas: The superconducting stellarator device Wendelstein 7-X May 11th 2017 Thomas Klinger
Big Data at the LHC May 4th 2017 Gerhard Raven
Large scale storage for a heat revolution in the built environment April 13th 2017 David Smeulders
How Charge Transforms Chemical Bonds at Solid-Liquid Interfaces April 11th 2017 Tanja Cuk