Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
Plasmonics and molecular photonics in liquid solution December 13th 2018 Martinus Werts
ITER, its Langmuir probes and the testing thereof in Magnum December 6th 2018 Christopher Watts
Nanoscale Engineering of Efficient Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts by Tailoring the Local Chemical Environment of Pt Surface Sites December 6th 2018 Suljo Linic
Storing renewable electricity in batteries running on water November 29th 2018 David Vermaas
Hierarchical Multiscale Catalytic Modelling: From the active site to the reactor November 15th 2018 Ivo Filot
Plasmon-enhanced single-molecule detection November 8th 2018 Peter Zijlstra
Nanomaterials and halide perovskites - can they really be useful for solar cells? November 1st 2018 Erik Garnett
Time-resolved cathodoluminescence nanoscopy October 25th 2018 Albert Polman
Enhancing electrocatalytic CO2 reduction using a system-integrated approach to catalyst discovery and optimzation October 11th 2018 Wilson Smith
Fusion Research Activities at SWIP October 4th 2018 Min Xu
Plasma facing materials and components for fusion reactors September 27th 2018 Marius Wirtz
The Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX) September 25th 2018 Juergen Rapp
Battery energy storage systems to provide flexibility to the electricity grid September 13th 2018 Rianne 't Hoen
Advanced Materials for a Damage Resilient Divertor for DEMO September 6th 2018 Jan Coenen
Where is the Science in Welding? July 5th 2018 Ian Richardson
Pressure makes the unimaginable imaginable June 28th 2018 Kitty Nijmeijer
Ethics of Nuclear Fusion June 21st 2018 Behnam Taebi
Long time scale simulations of nanocarbons at the atomic scale June 7th 2018 Erik Neyts
From blue energy and waste heat to iontronics and catalysis May 31st 2018 René van Roij
A process technology point of view on electricity storage and electrification of the chemical industry May 24th 2018 Sascha Kersten
Atomistic modelling of electrochemical interfaces May 17th 2018 Michiel Sprik
Plasma-facing components for the NSTX-U Recovery Project and Applications of Liquid Technologies to Conventional Energy Sources May 15th 2018 Michael Jaworski
Recent developments and applications of infrared ion spectroscopy at FELIX April 26th 2018 Jos Oomens
Potential energy surfaces for molecular modelling, and a perspective on simulations of plasma-material interaction April 12th 2018 Bastiaan Braams
Material issues in next generation batteries April 5th 2018 Marnix Wagemaker
Strategic Area Energy March 29th 2018 Laetitia Ouillet
News from the Plasma Edge March 23rd 2018 Robert Goldston
Irradiation effects in fusion materials March 15th 2018 Dmitry Terentyev
The future of cars, robots and humans March 1st 2018 Maarten Steinbuch
An adjoint approach to divertor design February 15th 2018 Wouter Dekeyser
Designing system innovations; an approach February 8th 2018 John Grin
Fundamentals of fluidized bed membrane reactors February 1st 2018 Martin van Sint Annaland