Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
Probing quantum dynamics in excited electronic states: Light-induced dissociation of polyatomic molecules. January 21st 2016 Priv.Doz. Dr. Sergy Yu. Grebenshchikov
Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science January 14th 2016 Dr Daniël Lakens
The plasma-wall interaction challenge in ITER January 12th 2016 Greg De Temmerman
Discovery potential at RUN2 of the Large Hadron Collider and recent Higgs boson results December 17th 2015 Ivo van Vulpen
The spectral web: Half a century magnetohydrodynamic stability November 5th 2015 Prof. dr. Hans Goedbloed
Molecular-dynamics simulations of polymers October 8th 2015 Alexey V. Lyulin
Gender policy study October 1st 2015 Renée Andrée Koornstra
Ab initio modeling of Cs-Mo interfaces in negative ion sources July 15th 2015 Savino Longo
Atomic scale simulations of interactions of CO and CO2 in gas phase with graphene July 14th 2015 Christian Ciobanu
O2 dissociation dynamics on Pd and Pt surfaces April 30th 2015 Ludo Juurlink
Chinese schadows April 23rd 2015 Aart Kleyn
Spectroscopic investigation of OH dynamics in transient atmospheric April 2nd 2015 Dr. Tiny Verreycken
Normal forms for Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations: What are they useful for and how to compute them efficiently March 26th 2015 Prof.dr. Yuri Kuznetsov
Harvesting “blue” energy from mixing river- and seawater with nanoporous supercapacitors March 19th 2015 Rene van Roij’s
On selected aspects of plasma-solid interactions March 12th 2015 Svetlana Ratynskaya
Compact Fusion: Significant Developments That May Open a Route to Faster, Cheaper Pilot Plants and Reactors February 19th 2015 Alan Costley and Alan Sykes
Pensions and investments: what you need to know February 12th 2015 Onno Steenbeek
Helium transport investigations in ASDEX Upgrade February 5th 2015 Athina Kappatou
Spectroscopy January 22nd 2015 Athina Kappatou
Modelling linear plasmas January 15th 2015 Dirk Reiser
MeV Proton Beams: Applications in Nano-Lithography and Nano-Imaging January 5th 2015 Jeroen van Kan
Afscheidsseminar December 18th 2014 Wim Goedheer
Simulating plasma assisted renewable energy storage December 11th 2014 Kim Peerenboom
Scanning tunneling microscopy of catalysts in (un)usual environments December 8th 2014 Bas Hendriksen
PSI Studies December 4th 2014 Thomas Eich
Langmuir probe measurements at intermediate gas pressures and in magnetized plasma December 3rd 2014 Miglena Dimitrova
Ion Beam Analysis and other applications for the 3.5 MV Singletron November 20th 2014 Wim Arnold-Bik
Amyloid protein aggregation: A single molecule view on a many molecule problem November 20th 2014 Vinod Subramaniam
Raptor / learning control November 6th 2014 Federico Felici
How science came to the world October 23rd 2014 Floris cohen
How adsorbed O atoms can change the properties of atmospheric pressure non thermal plasma in air October 13th 2014 Olivier Guaitella