Seminars history

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Title Date Speaker
Towards new Porous Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Separation using Molecular Simulations May 27th 2014 Sofia Calero
the science and operations of snowflake divertor configurations May 15th 2014 Wouter Vijvers
Reclaiming the narrative April 24th 2014 Chris Lee
The development of minute RF based sensors that can be used for a variety of applications. April 10th 2014 Ir. Hao Goa
Sterren Chemie 'Cola light' April 3rd 2014 Harold Linnartz
Plasma Wall Interaction March 27th 2014 Achim von Keudell
micro-systems for solar to fuel conversion and electricity-driven chemistry March 20th 2014 Han Gardeniers
Earth Abundant Materials for Solar Fuels: An Atomic Layer Deposition Approach March 19th 2014 Alex Martinson
Li-ion batteries and beyond – materials selection and issues March 6th 2014 Erik Kelder
GALAXIES AND THEIR BLACK HOLES February 27th 2014 Peter Barthel
Analysing Hierarchical Control Software: application to CERN's detector control systems February 20th 2014 Jeroen Keiren
Control of a two-dimensional pool boiling system February 13th 2014 Hans Zwart
Particle-in-Cell (fully-kinetic) code for plasma February 6th 2014 Enrico Camporeale
Control of a two-dimensional pool boiling system. January 30th 2014 Xander Jansen
Nikhef: Dutch particle & astroparticle physics January 29th 2014 Frank Linde
A risky, inspiring idea January 23rd 2014 prof. dr. Justus Uitermark
Monitoring greenhouse gas budgets through atmospheric observations January 16th 2014 Wouter Peters
Serious crime in the Netherlands: its nature and containment January 9th 2014 Cyrille Fijnaut
overview of the CATO2 Program and a glance on the future December 12th 2013 Jan Hopman
CO2 Capture Transport & Storage December 12th 2013 Jan Hopman
Eindhoven University's vision on valorisation, and show how valorisation can be achieved December 5th 2013 Steef Blok
Multiple proton-coupled electron transfer in electrocatalysis for solar fuels: theory vs experiment November 28th 2013 Marc T.M. Koper
Physics basis and design of the ITER full-W divertor November 27th 2013 Richard Pitts
Complex system analysis of psychological processes November 21st 2013 Han van der Maas
Non-linear effects in electron cyclotron current drive applied for the stabilization of neoclassical tearing modes November 15th 2013 Bircan Ayten
JT-60 site, criticality neutrons and radioactive fall-out November 14th 2013 Cristina P. Tanzi
Measuring the mechanical properties of abdominal aortic aneurysms November 7th 2013 Richard Lopata
Haptic perception of shape and space October 10th 2013 Astrid Kappers
Solar thermochemical fuels - sunshine to petrol September 10th 2013 Ellen Stechel
Multiscale Modelling and Computing, the MAPPER approach September 5th 2013 Alfons G. Hoekstra
Plasma-Material Interactions: From a Modelling Perspective September 4th 2013 P.N. Maya