To counteract the emission of CO2 and the subsequent global warming effect, large scale solutions are required with a pivotal role for high functional materials. The mission of our research is to investigate atmospheric plasma processes for large scale synthesis of advanced functional thin films for CO2 neutral solutions. The group operates in an Industrial Partnership Programme between Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe b.v. and FOM-DIFFER and has a strong link with enabling technology in large scale industrial production.

We replace traditional vacuum plasma thin film synthesis films by novel atmospheric pressure plasma technology. As such the atmospheric plasma process represents a disruptive technology platform that allows for roll-to-roll mass production of high functional materials. Through fundamental research of the plasma physics, chemistry and materials science we aim to control the diffusion of species through thin films by tailoring the material properties from the sub-nm to km length scale. Specifically we aim for large scale thin film applications in the field of membranes and moisture barrier foils for photovoltaic applications.